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Twitter Profiles that Every Sports Fan Should Follow

Written by on July 25, 2015

Over the past few years, owning a Twitter account has become a must-have tool for serious sportsbetting fans for various reasons that include updates on injury, breaking news, weather reports or even getting NFL odds picks. Its advantages are that the news is delivered straight to your device in a simplified 140 character posts,and you do not have to wait for television schedules to be updated. Those who have been on Twitter for a while know that there is a lot of tweeting going on and so it is important to know who to follow if you are to find credible and timely information. Below are a few people in the industry considered credible enough to follow for purposes of staying updated in the industry and making informed betting decisions.

Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter)

  Incase you have not decided on whether to follow Schefter, you can use this as an affirmation of his value: over 3.8 million other people have made the decision to follow him. This guy is like the literal face of ESPN sports. He has been a guest on a number of radio programs such as 1023 ESPN Denver’s Sports Station, ESPN 980 in Washington D.C. and ESPN 1000.He is a sports writer and television analyst, who has been involved with NFL Network, NFL Total Access and

Peter King (@SI_PeterKing)

  King is probably the Grand Poobah of NFL writers after spending almost 30 years writing and doing coverage for Sports illustrated. He is also a contributor to the weekly multiple-paged column, the Monday Morning Quarterback. Most of the time he is on radio or TV, he is usually talking about the NFL. Alongside Bob Costas, Cris Collinsworth, Sterling Sharpe and Jerome Bettis, they run the show Football Night in America.

Bill Simmons (@BillSimmons)

  Simmons is the creator of Grantland and has a huge following based on his weekly picks on NFL betting. He is a columnist, analyst, author, and podcaster. He was the editor-in-chief for, which has affiliations with ESPN. He has previously written for ESPN, The Magazine and Jimmy Kimmel Live! He recently moved from ESPN and join HBO and should be starting in October 2015, in addition to hosting a weekly talk show in 2016.


Totals Capper (@kalind_totals)

  As his name suggests, he is a total specialist, he does not provide any NFL point spread picks, but be assured of getting a lot of over/under picks, with more winning outcomes than loses. With 15 years of experience in College Football, NFL and NBA, he is worth following. He posts videos, and a variety of news from time to time that keep his followers well-updated.

Todd Fuhrman (@ToddFuhrman)

As a previous sports analyst at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, he brings valuable insights of the NFL betting conversation from an oddsmaker’s perspective. He is usually willing to offer knowledge on NFL handicapping. He became the senior race and sports analyst at Caesars at 29, in 2011.

Brian Burke (@bburkeESPN)

  Burke offers important insights to those who have the interest of using advanced statistics to handicap football. He created the Advanced Football Analytics and later got hired by ESPN as a sports analytics expert. He regularly contributes to The New York Times ’ NFL coverage, The Washington Post’s Redskins coverage, and often researches for major publications.

David Payne Purdum (@Davidpurdum)

Purdum is a top writer on ESPN, an ESPN website section dedicated to sports betting. His insights are excellently reliable, especially on where the big money is going into every game and the thoughts on oddsmakers’ minds.

Stuckey (@Stuckey2)

  Stuckey provides picks and hilarious takes on a number of sports including NFL, NBA, Hockey, tennis and pretty much every other major sports across the world. He must be some sort of insomniac ‘coz he never seems to be asleep.

Breakdown Sheets (@BreakdownSheets)

He is best known as a basketball handicapping expert, but his consistency in the ability to make money in the NFL has surely stood. Over past four years, he has reportedly made money on 60 percent of his bets, for 70 units of profits. Although he has a $60-dollar annual fee for his picks, they are worth it. If you need free picks, well, we have your back in our usual Sportsbetting game previews and predictions. Other people worth following include: Official Profile (@betmybookie),  Daniel Jeremiah — Analyst, NFL Network, Rob Pizzola (@Robpizzola) and Scott Kellen (@SixthSenseNFL) and Mel Kiper, Jr. — NFL/College Football Analyst, ESPN, among others. Sources:
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