College Football Odds Candidates to Go Undefeated at Home in 2015

College Football Candidates to Go Undefeated at Home in 2015

Written by on July 13, 2015

If you look at the schedules that the major college football teams put together each season, you’ll see that there are often some less-than-impressive opponents scheduled at home early in the season. This brings in home fans and lets them enjoy a rout by their alma mater. Teams like Baylor and the University of Texas are notorious for doing this, but you’ll see it in plenty of stadiums early this fall. However, if you want to make it into the College Football Playoff at the end of the season, even one loss can be deadly. If you think about it, the only reason Florida State made it into the playoff was probably because they didn’t lose any games. They came close a lot of times, but they ultimately won. Of course, when they ran into Oregon in the first round of the playoff, their weaknesses were exposed. Going into NCAA Football betting 2015, there are some FBS teams that have a shot to win all of their games, especially at home. This puts them at an advantage for earning a playoff spot.

Taking a Look at the College Football Odds Candidates to Go Undefeated at Home in 2015

Baylor Bears

Toughest Games:  West Virginia Mountaineers (Oct. 17th), Oklahoma Sooners (Nov.14th), Texas Longhorns (Dec.5)Should you play tough opponents or go undefeated? Art Briles chooses the latter at Baylor, usually having a bunch of tomato cans in the nonconference schedule. Before Baylor enters conference play, their hardest test is a game at SMU. Last year, SMU was 1-11 and got destroyed when they faced the Bears in Waco. SMU has a new head coach but still shouldn’t be a challenge. One tough home test could be West Virginia, which almost beat TCU and did beat Baylor last year. However, West Virginia played much more poorly on the road than they did at home last season.

TCU Horned Frogs

Toughest Games: Texas Longhorns (Oct.3rd), Kansas Jayhawks (Nov. 14th), Baylor Bears (Nov. 27th)TCU also gets to host West Virginia and could avenge its loss at Baylor last year, a game in which the Horned Frogs simply fell apart in the fourth quarter. That was the only blemish on their record and kept them out of the playoffs. The other power conferences have enough teams to justify a championship game between the winners of the conference’s divisions. However, the Big 12 teams play a round-robin schedule. Each team plays every other team during the season, which should ideally lead to what the commissioner calls a “true champion” but in reality led to a bizarre “co-champion” ceremony that took place at TCU before Baylor had played its last game, as the Big 12 decided to do what it could to promote TCU with the coming playoff.To be honest, given what the Horned Frogs have returning, it’s that last game against Baylor that will determine whether they finish undefeated at home or not. It will also determine whether they qualify for the College Football Playoff. TCU’s breakthrough last season included huge wins at Texas and West Virginia, as well as signature home victories over Kansas State and Oklahoma. Oh, and that epic collapse in the fourth quarter at Baylor, which kept the Horned Frogs from getting into the playoffs.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Toughest Home Games: Michigan State Spartans (Nov. 21st), Minnesota Golden Gophers  (Nov. 7th)If you’re Michigan, Michigan State (or anyone else with Big 10 hopes), you probably don’t like reading the scouting reports that indicate that Ohio State will probably be better this year than they were last year. The Buckeyes have three quarterbacks who could each start for any other Division I program – and they’re not likely to share. After all, injuries in 2014 made them use all three of them, and this Urban Meyer-led team is just as unlikely to stumble this year as they were last year. Remember that loss to Virginia Tech? Unlikely to happen again.The Buckeyes will face Virginia Tech on Labor Day, but that is likely to be their toughest tilt until the end of November. They will play six of eight at home. Their non conference foes include Western Michigan, Northern Illinois and Hawaii. While those first two teams are in the elite of the Mid-American Conference, Ohio State has not fallen to a MAC foe since…wait for it..1984. The only scary home game for the Buckeyes comes when Michigan State visits in the next-to-last game.