The Volunteers are against the College Football Odds for Week 8.

NCAA Football Factors to Consider this Preseason

Written by on July 17, 2015

The college football offseason is nearing its end, meaning it’s about that time to start assessing the pieces that have fallen into place in teams across the league and how it could all influence the College Football odds. Which teams have downgraded? Which teams upgraded? We’ve got you well-covered, giving our early top 10 college football preseason rankings.

Let’s Review Some NCAA Football Betting Factors to Consider this Preseason

Preliminarily, our model of ranking considers season finishes over the recent years, especially from last season, including regular-season records and performance in the post-regular season games (bowl games). A team with a strong regular-season record from last year earns more points than one with a weak record. Similarly, a team that played in a major bowl game earns more points than one in a weak bowl game. Bonus points are awarded to teams that won their respective bowl games. Another crucial factor considered in the rankings is the number of returning starters. For example, the Tennessee Volunteers (who lead the SEC with 18 returning starters–10 in the offense and 8 in the defense) are more likely to play strongly because of having a more experienced squad than a team like the Mississippi State Bulldogs (who are returning with a total of just 9 starters). As a third and vital element all college football fans must keep in mind is that our rankings duly consider the strength of team schedules and how various programs have performed in the past when playing easy or tough schedules. For instance, Washington will be going against the toughest schedule in the nation, playing against opponents with a combined winning percentage of 64.33%, which is likely to limit their success since they have historically performed badly against tough opponents. Conversely, Alabama will also have a tough schedule of 62.34%, but since Nick Saban has always performed well against easy or tough opponents, the Tide are still likely to succeed in the new season, earning them high points in our ranking. Other variables such as randomness, recruiting classes, coaching changes, nature of football divisions and conferences have also been duly considered. That said, here are our rankings:

Top 10 Preseason College Football Rankings for 2015

1. Ohio State 2. TCU 3. Oregon 4. Alabama 5. Baylor 6. Michigan State 7. Clemson Tigers 8. Georgia 9. Florida State 10. Auburn Over the couple of weeks, we’ll be adding more NCAAF betting odds preview content analyzing what to expect from various teams in their respective divisions and conferences, so stay tuned with us.
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