Which Will Be The Worst PAC-12 NCAA Football Odds Teams In 2015?

Which Will Be The Worst PAC-12 NCAA Football Odds Teams In 2015?

Written by on August 16, 2015

In an earlier College Football betting analysis article, we looked at the Pac-12 teams that are most likely to finish among the best football programs in the conference. And by best, we meant those teams that are 1) likely to challenge for the college football playoffs, 2) challenge for the Pac-12 Championship, 3) challenge for the divisional titles i.e. the Pac-12 North and South titles, 4) Miss out on the first three aspects, but still be good enough for bowl eligibility. To get a full low-down of the teams that made the cut for that list, you can simply type “Which will be the best PAC-12 teams in 2015” on our search bar and find the article to read about those teams, or alternatively, if my editor is kind enough, she’ll probably hyperlink it somewhere in this article. (Don’t bank on the latter option, though, b’coz she’s probably damn swamped working on other lengthy submissions like this one!).

Let’s Now Check Out Which Will Be The Worst PAC-12 NCAA Football Odds Teams In 2015?

Anyway, for summative purposes, the teams that made it to our best-of-the-best Pac-12 list included: USC, Oregon, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, Stanford and Utah… with that being our predicted order of ranking at the end of the season. If you have a case to make against that order, feel free to go to the article and drop your comments at the bottom of the page. That said, here are the remaining teams, the ones that (unfortunately) have to appear in our list of worst PAC 12 teams in 2015. As always, all your comments are gladly welcome at the bottom of the page.

California Golden Bears

To be fair to the Bears, I really think the 5-7 finish in 2014 was not a true representation of their worth. This is a team that had one of the best QBs in Pac-12 in Jared Goff, who threw for 3,975 yards and 35 touchdowns. You take those numbers and give to a team like Stanford, we’d be talking of the Cardinal fans celebrating a berth in the inaugural playoffs. Looking ahead at their 2015 season, Goff is back in the team, and so are his top targets (wide receivers Bryce Treggs and Kenny Lawler, along with tailback Daniel Lasco), so a decent offensive performance can be rightfully expected by California fans. Nine defensive starters from last season are also back in the team. However, after the underwhelming defensive performance by the D-line in 2014, I have a problem with trusting them to do better, particularly with the Pac-12 offenses looking even tougher than last year. So although I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bears went on to finish with 7-or-more wins in 2015, I’ll stay on the safe side by projecting less than 7 wins for the Bears (while I wish Goff and company great individual performances).

Colorado Buffaloes

Bowl ambitions? Get your loud Buffalo horns outta here! There is a good reason Colorado has never made it to the bowl games….and no, it’s not because of their thoughtless football uniforms. This is a team that has won EXACTLY ONE Pac-12 game in coach Mike MacIntyre’s two-year tenure with the Buffaloes.  So although the soft opening season slate against Hawaii, Massachusetts, rival Colorado State and FCS Nicholls State should allow them to get a couple of wins, please don’t waste your money in hope of a winning season or a bowl game because it is not going to happen, not when winning Pac-12 games is that difficult for MacIntyre’s team.

Oregon State Beavers

Like the Bears from California, the Beavers from Oregon State have enough talent (coaching-wise and player-wise) to see them upset some “best” teams in the Pac-12 en route to a bowl appearance. The discussion about Gary Andersen’s appalling decision to quit Wisconsin for Oregon State is a subject for another day. For now, the bottom line is that the team has a coach who knows how to win games, which should bode well for the Beavers, who’ve been a pale shadow of their fast-swimming Duck rivals in Oregon. In terms of talent, true freshman Seth Collins looks like a QB that is destined to make some noise for the Beavers. Still, with a plethora of shifts and changes in the team in nearly all key skill positions and a new coaching mantra to adapt to within a short time, the 2015 season looks a bit too soon to start expecting big performances from the Oregon State team that has been on a downward spiral over the last couple of seasons. Therefore, even with promising signs from the new-look Beavers, you’ll probably have to wait for more than a year to see the Beavers back in strong Pac-12 contention.

Washington Huskies

The mood for the Huskies and their year is going to be set right from the onset when Chris Petersen starts his season with an emotional return to the Broncos, where Washington will come out with a loss. After that, there’s going to be a lot of handkerchiefs and tissue papers soaked with tears whenever the Huskies play, as they witness several heartbreaking losses, mainly because they lack a good offensive unit. Freshman QB Jake Browning doesn’t look the part of a leader and redshirt freshman K.J. Carta-Samuels is still raw to be trusted for the tough-testing nature of Pac-12 showdowns. Just about the only thing that will work in Washington favor is their decent defense (second-best in the nation last year in sacks). Sadly, touchdowns (and not sacks) win most games in the NCAAF odds, meaning the Washington rebuilding agenda is likely to come short in 2015, but probably do better in the coming years.

Washington State Cougars

Outside the Washington State at Washington game slated for the college football rivalry week (November 24-28), I really don’t see why we should be talking this Washington State team. QB Luke Falk performed decently when he replaced Connor Halliday last November, but the guy is too erratic, something that is bound to earn him north of 20 interceptions in 2015. As for the rest of the team, there is simply no formidable leadership on both ends of the field, while coach Mike Leach is already out of ideas and due for a sacking. Don’t expect any #Pac12AfterDark miracles from this old Cougar team. If you know what is best for you and your pockets, bet on Leach having his third losing record in four seasons and his head served with an the axe for the angry Cougar fans at the end of the season.

Projected Worst Pac-12 Teams Ranking

8) California9) Washington State10) Oregon State11) Washington12) Colorado.