2015 NFL Full Season Schedule

NFL Officially Begins, Here’s the 2015-16 Season Schedule

Written by on April 22, 2015

The excitement and expectation is growing among NFL betting fans around the nation after the National Football League released the official schedule for the upcoming 2015-16 regular season—including three games to be played in the United Kingdom. We’ll see a total of 256 games over a period of 17 weeks, however, the football betting action is slated to kick off on Thursday September 10th when the current NFL champs, the New England Patriots welcome the Pittsburgh Steelers at Gillette Stadium.The first Sunday of the 2015 NFL regular season is loaded with action. Some of the top games on schedule for September 13th include Packers @ Bears,. Browns @ Jets, Colts @ Bills and Ravens @ Broncos. Meanwhile, the first “Sunday Night Football” of the season will see the New York Giants travel to Dallas to face the Cowboys.Monday Night Football will feature the traditional opening weekend double-header; starting with the Philadelphia Eagles v Atlanta Falcons before a Minnesota Vikings v San Francisco 49ers game.  As announced by the NFL, a total of three games will be played at the iconic Wembley Stadium in London this season. The NFL international series are set to begin on Week 4 when the Miami Dolphins play the New York Jets. Then on Week 7 the Jacksonville Jaguars face Buffalo and in Week 8 the Kansas City Chiefs clash with the Detroit Lions.The annual Thanksgiving Day special will also bring a handful of high voltage games. On Thursday, November 26th, NFL fans will have the chance to enjoy three games: Philadelphia v Detroit, Carolina Panthers v Dallas and a prime-time game of the Chicago Bears versus the Green Bay Packers. Odds for Super 50 have been posted on our expert sports betting blog, so as we start making early preparations, here’s the full 2015-16 NFL regular season calendar for all 17 weeks.

Week 1

DateTimeRoad TeamHome Team
9/108:30 p.m.Pittsburgh SteelersNew England Patriots
9/131 p.m.Green Bay PackersChicago Bears
9/131 p.m.Kansas City ChiefsHouston Texans
9/131 p.m.Cleveland BrownsNew York Jets
9/131 p.m.Indianapolis ColtsBuffalo Bills
9/131 p.m.Miami DolphinsWashington
9/131 p.m.Carolina PanthersJacksonville Jaguars
9/131 p.m.Seattle SeahawksSt. Louis Rams
9/134:05 p.m.New Orleans SaintsArizona Cardinals
9/134:05 p.m.Detroit LionsSan Diego Chargers
9/134:25 p.m.Tennessee TitansTampa Bay Buccaneers
9/134:25 p.m.Cincinnati BengalsOakland Raiders
9/134:25 p.m.Baltimore RavensDenver Broncos
9/138:30 p.m.New York GiantsDallas Cowboys
9/147:10 p.m.Philadelphia EaglesAtlanta Falcons
9/1410:20 p.m.Minnesota VikingsSan Francisco 49ers

Week 2

DateTimeRoad TeamHome Team
9/178:25 p.m.Denver BroncosKansas City Chiefs
9/201 p.m.Houston TexansCarolina Panthers
9/201 p.m.San Francisco 49ersPittsburgh Steelers
9/201 p.m.Tampa Bay BuccaneersNew Orleans Saints
9/201 p.m.Detroit LionsMinnesota Vikings
9/201 p.m.Arizona CardinalsChicago Bears
9/201 p.m.New England PatriotsBuffalo Bills
9/201 p.m.San Diego ChargersCincinnati Bengals
9/201 p.m.Tennesse TitansCleveland Browns
9/201 p.m.Atlanta FalconsNew York Giants
9/201 p.m.St. Louis RamsWashington
9/204:05 p.m.Miami DolphinsJacksonville Jaguars
9/204:05 p.m.Baltimore RavensOakland Raiders
9/204:25 p.m.Dallas CowboysPhiladelphia Eagles
9/208:30 p.m.Seattle SeahawksGreen Bay Packers
9/218:30 p.m.New York JetsIndianapolis Colts

Week 3

DateTimeRoad TeamHome Team
9/248:25 p.m.WashingtonNew York Giants
9/271 p.m.Atlanta FalconsDallas Cowboys
9/271 p.m.Indianapolis ColtsTennessee Titans
9/271 p.m.Oakland RaidersCleveland Browns
9/271 p.m.Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore Ravens
9/271 p.m.Jacksonville JaguarsNew England Patriots
9/271 p.m.New Orleans SaintsCarolina Panthers
9/271 p.m.Philadelphia EaglesNew York Jets
9/271 p.m.Tampa Bay BuccaneersHouston Texans
9/271 p.m.San Diego ChargersMinnesota Vikings
9/271 p.m.Pittsburgh SteelersSt. Louis Rams
9/274:05 p.m.San Francisco 49ersArizona Cardinals
9/274:25 p.m.Buffalo BillsMiami Dolphins
9/274:25 p.m.Chicago BearsSeattle Seahawks
9/278:30 p.m.Denver BroncosDetroit Lions
9/288:30 p.m.Kansas City ChiefsGreen Bay Packers

Week 4

DateTimeRoad TeamHome Team
10/18:25 p.m.Baltimore RavensPittsburgh Steelers
10/49:30 a.m.New York JetsMiami Dolphins
10/41 p.m.Jacksonville JaguarsIndianapolis Colts
10/41 p.m.New York GiantsBuffalo Bills
10/41 p.m.Carolina PanthersTampa Bay Buccaneers
10/41 p.m.Philadelphia EaglesWashington
10/41 p.m.Oakland RaidersChicago Bears
10/41 p.m.Houston TexansAtlanta Falcons
10/41 p.m.Kansas City ChiefsCincinnati Bengals
10/44:05 p.m.Cleveland BrownsSan Diego Chargers
10/44:25 p.m.Green Bay PackersSan Francisco 49ers
10/44:25 p.m.St. Louis RamsArizona Cardinals
10/44:25 p.m.Minnesota VikingsDenver Broncos
10/48:30 p.m.Dallas CowboysNew Orleans Saints
10/58:30 p.m.Detroit LionsSeattle Seahawks

Week 5

DateTimeRoad TeamHome Team
10/88:25 p.m.Indianapolis ColtsHouston Texans
10/111 p.m.Chicago BearsKansas City Chiefs
10/111 p.m.Seattle SeahawksCincinnati Bengals
10/111 p.m.WashingtonAtlanta Falcons
10/111 p.m.Jacksonville JaguarsTampa Bay Buccaneers
10/111 p.m.New Orleans SaintsPhiladelphia Eagles
10/111 p.m.Cleveland BrownsBaltimore Ravens
10/111 p.m.St. Louis RamsGreen Bay Packers
10/111 p.m.Buffalo BillsTennessee Titans
10/114:05 p.m.Arizona CardinalsDetroit Lions
10/114:25 p.m.New England PatriotsDallas Cowboys
10/114:25 p.m.Denver BroncosOakland Raiders
10/118:30 p.m.San Francisco 49ersNew York Giants
10/128:30 p.m.Pittsburgh SteelersSan Diego Chargers

Week 6

DateTimeRoad TeamHome Team
10/158:25 p.m.Atlanta FalconsNew Orleans Saints
10/181 p.m.WashingtonNew York Jets
10/181 p.m.Arizona CardinalsPittsburgh Steelers
10/181 p.m.Kansas City ChiefsMinnesota Vikings
10/181 p.m.Cincinnati BengalsBuffalo Bills
10/181 p.m.Chicago BearsDetroit Lions
10/181 p.m.Denver BroncosCleveland Browns
10/181 p.m.Houston TexansJacksonville Jaguars
10/181 p.m.Miami DolphinsTennessee Titans
10/184:05 p.m.Carolina PanthersSeattle Seahawks
10/184:25 p.m.San Diego ChargersGreen Bay Packers
10/184:25 p.m.Baltimore RavensSan Francisco 49ers
10/188:30 p.m.New England PatriotsIndianapolis Colts
10/198:30 p.m.New York GiantsPhiladelphia Eagles

Week 7

DateTimeRoad TeamHome Team
10/228:25 p.m.Seattle SeahawksSan Francisco 49ers
10/259:30 a.m.Buffalo BillsJacksonville Jaguars
10/251 p.m.Tampa Bay BuccaneersWashington
10/251 p.m.Atlanta FalconsTennessee Titans
10/251 p.m.New Orleans SaintsIndianapolis Colts
10/251 p.m.Minnesota VikingsDetroit Lions
10/251 p.m.Pittsburgh SteelersKansas City Chiefs
10/251 p.m.Cleveland BrownsSt. Louis Rams
10/251 p.m.Houston TexansMiami Dolphins
10/251 p.m.New York JetsNew England Patriots
10/254:05 p.m.Oakland RaidersSan Diego Chargers
10/254:25 p.m.Dallas CowboysNew York Giants
10/258:30 p.m.Philadelphia EaglesCarolina Panthers
10/268:30 p.m.Baltimore RavensArizona Cardinals

Week 8

DateTimeRoad TeamHome Team
10/298:25 p.m.Miami DolphinsNew England Patriots
11/19:30 a.m.Detroit LionsKansas City Chiefs
11/11 p.m.Tampa Bay BuccaneersAtlanta Falcons
11/11 p.m.Arizona CardinalsCleveland Browns
11/11 p.m.San Francisco 49ersSt. Louis Rams
11/11 p.m.New York GiantsNew Orleans Saints
11/11 p.m.Minnesota VikingsChicago Bears
11/11 p.m.San Diego ChargersBaltimore Ravens
11/11 p.m.Cincinnati BengalsPittsburgh Steelers
11/11 p.m.Tennessee TitansHouston Texans
11/14:05 p.m.New York JetsOakland Raiders
11/14:25 p.m.Seattle SeahawksDallas Cowboys
11/18:30 p.m.Green Bay PackersDenver Broncos
11/28:30 p.m.Indianapolis ColtsCarolina Panthers

Week 9

DateTimeRoad TeamHome Team
11/58:25 p.m.Cleveland BrownsCincinnati Bengals
11/81 p.m.Green Bay PackersCarolina Panthers
11/81 p.m.WashingtonNew England Patriots
11/81 p.m.Tennesse TitansNew Orleans Saints
11/81 p.m.Miami DolphinsBuffalo Bills
11/81 p.m.St. Louis RamsMinnesota Vikings
11/81 p.m.Jacksonville JaguarsNew York Jets
11/81 p.m.Oakland RaidersPittsburgh Steelers
11/84:05 p.m.New York GiantsTampa Bay Buccaneers
11/84:05 p.m.Atlanta FalconsSan Francisco 49ers
11/84:25 p.m.Denver BroncosIndianapolis Colts
11/88:30 p.m.Philadelphia EaglesDallas Cowboys
11/98:30 p.m.Chicago BearsSan Diego Chargers

Week 10

DateTimeRoad TeamHome Team
11/128:25 p.m.Buffalo BillsNew York Jets
11/151 p.m.Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers
11/151 p.m.Dallas CowboysTampa Bay Buccaneers
11/151 p.m.Carolina PanthersTennessee Titans
11/151 p.m.Chicago BearsSt. Louis Rams
11/151 p.m.New Orleans SaintsWashington
11/151 p.m.Miami DolphinsPhiladelphia Eagles
11/151 p.m.Cleveland BrownsPittsburgh Steelers
11/151 p.m.Jacksonville JaguarsBaltimore Ravens
11/154:05 p.m.Minnesota VikingsOakland Raiders
11/154:25 p.m.New England PatriotsNew York Giants
11/154:25 p.m.Kansas City ChiefsDenver Broncos
11/158:30 p.m.Arizona CardinalsSeattle Seahawks
11/168:30 p.m.Houston TexansCincinnati Bengals

Week 11

DateTimeRoad TeamHome Team
11/198:25 p.m.Tennesse TitansJacksonville Jaguars
11/221 p.m.Oakland RaidersDetroit Lions
11/221 p.m.Indianapolis ColtsAtlanta Falcons
11/221 p.m.New York JetsHouston Texans
11/221 p.m.Tampa Bay BuccaneersPhiladelphia Eagles
11/221 p.m.Denver BroncosChicago Bears
11/221 p.m.Green Bay PackersMinnesota Vikings
11/221 p.m.St. Louis RamsBaltimore Ravens
11/221 p.m.Dallas CowboysMiami Dolphins
11/221 p.m.WashingtonCarolina Panthers
11/224:05 p.m.Cincinnati BengalsArizona Cardinals
11/224:25 p.m.San Francisco 49ersSeattle Seahawks
11/228:30 p.m.Kansas City ChiefsSan Diego Chargers
11/238:30 p.m.Buffalo BillsNew England Patriots

Week 12

DateTimeRoad TeamHome Team
11/2612:30 p.m.Philadelphia EaglesDetroit Lions
11/264:30 p.m.Carolina PanthersDallas Cowboys
11/268:30 p.m.Chicago BearsGreen Bay Packers
11/291 p.m.New Orleans SaintsHouston Texans
11/291 p.m.St. Louis RamsCincinnati Bengals
11/291 p.m.Minnesota VikingsAtlanta Falcons
11/291 p.m.New York GiantsWashington
11/291 p.m.Tampa Bay BuccaneersIndianapolis Colts
11/291 p.m.Buffalo BillsKansas City Chiefs
11/291 p.m.Oakland RaidersTennessee Titans
11/291 p.m.San Diego ChargersJacksonville Jaguars
11/291 p.m.Miami DolphinsNew York Jets
11/294:05 p.m.Arizona CardinalsSan Francisco 49ers
11/294:25 p.m.Pittsburgh SteelersSeattle Seahawks
11/298:30 p.m.New England PatriotsDenver Broncos
11/308:30 p.m.Baltimore RavensCleveland Browns

Week 13

DateTimeRoad TeamHome Team
12/38:25 p.m.Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions
12/61 p.m.New York JetsNew York Giants
12/61 p.m.Arizona CardinalsSt. Louis Rams
12/61 p.m.Atlanta FalconsTampa Bay Buccaneers
12/61 p.m.Carolina PanthersNew Orleans Saints
12/61 p.m.Seattle SeahawksMinnesota Vikings
12/61 p.m.Houston TexansBuffalo Bills
12/61 p.m.Baltimore RavensMiami Dolphins
12/61 p.m.Cincinnati BengalsCleveland Browns
12/61 p.m.Jacksonville JaguarsTennessee Titans
12/61 p.m.San Francisco 49ersChicago Bears
12/64:05 p.m.Denver BroncosSan Diego Chargers
12/64:05 p.m.Kansas City ChiefsOakland Raiders
12/64:25 p.m.Philadelphia EaglesNew England Patriots
12/68:30 p.m.Indianapolis ColtsPittsburgh Steelers
12/78:30 p.m.Dallas CowboysWashington

Week 14

DateTimeRoad TeamHome Team
12/108:25 p.m.Minnesota VikingsArizona Cardinals
12/131 p.m.Buffalo BillsPhiladelphia Eagles
12/131 p.m.San Francisco 49ersCleveland Browns
12/131 p.m.Detroit LionsSt. Louis Rams
12/131 p.m.New Orleans SaintsTampa Bay Buccaneers
12/131 p.m.Tennessee TitansNew York Jets
12/131 p.m.Pittsburgh SteelersCincinnati Bengals
12/131 p.m.New England PatriotsHouston Texans
12/131 p.m.Indianapolis ColtsJacksonville Jaguars
12/131 p.m.San Diego ChargersKansas City Chiefs
12/131 p.m.WashingtonChicago Bears
12/131 p.m.Atlanta FalconsCarolina Panthers
12/134:05 p.m.Oakland RaidersDenver Broncos
12/134:25 p.m.Dallas CowboysGreen Bay Packers
12/138:30 p.m.Seattle SeahawksBaltimore Ravens
12/148:30 p.m.New York GiantsMiami Dolphins

Week 15

DateTimeRoad TeamHome Team
12/178:25 p.m.Tampa Bay BuccaneersSt. Louis Rams
12/198:25 p.m.New York JetsDallas Cowboys
12/201 p.m.Chicago BearsMinnesota Vikings
12/201 p.m.Atlanta FalconsJacksonville Jaguars
12/201 p.m.Houston TexansIndianapolis Colts
12/201 p.m.Arizona CardinalsPhiladelphia Eagles
12/201 p.m.Carolina PanthersNew York Giants
12/201 p.m.Tennessee TitansNew England Patriots
12/201 p.m.Buffalo BillsWashington
12/201 p.m.Kansas City ChiefsBaltimore Ravens
12/204:05 p.m.Cleveland BrownsSeattle Seahawks
12/204:05 p.m.Green Bay PackersOakland Raiders
12/204:25 p.m.Denver BroncosPittsburgh Steelers
12/204:25 p.m.Miami DolphinsSan Diego Chargers
12/208:30 p.m.Cincinnati BengalsSan Francisco 49ers
12/218:30 p.m.Detroit LionsNew Orleans Saints

Week 16

DateTimeRoad TeamHome Team
12/248:25 p.m.San Diego ChargersOakland Raiders
12/268:25 p.m.WashingtonPhiladelphia Eagles
12/271 p.m.New England PatriotsNew York Jets
12/271 p.m.Houston TexansTennessee Titans
12/271 p.m.Cleveland BrownsKansas City Chiefs
12/271 p.m.Indianapolis ColtsMiami Dolphins
12/271 p.m.Jacksonville JaguarsNew Orleans Saints
12/271 p.m.San Francisco 49ersDetroit Lions
12/271 p.m.Dallas CowboysBuffalo Bills
12/271 p.m.Chicago BearsTampa Bay Buccaneers
12/271 p.m.Carolina PanthersAtlanta Falcons
12/271 p.m.New York GiantsMinnesota Vikings
12/274:25 p.m.St. Louis RamsSeattle Seahawks
12/274:25 p.m.Green Bay PackersArizona Cardinals
12/278:30 p.m.Pittsburgh SteelersBaltimore Ravens
12/288:30 p.m.Cincinnati BengalsDenver Broncos

Week 17

DateTimeRoad TeamHome Team
1/31 p.m.New York JetsBuffalo Bills
1/31 p.m.New England PatriotsMiami Dolphins
1/31 p.m.Tampa Bay BuccaneersCarolina Panthers
1/31 p.m.New Orleans SaintsAtlanta Falcons
1/31 p.m.Baltimore RavensCincinnati Bengals
1/31 p.m.Pittsburgh SteelersCleveland Browns
1/31 p.m.Jacksonville JaguarsHouston Texans
1/31 p.m.Tennessee TitansIndianapolis Colts
1/31 p.m.Oakland RaidersKansas City Chiefs
1/31 p.m.WashingtonDallas Cowboys
1/31 p.m.Philadelphia EaglesNew York Giants
1/31 p.m.Detroit LionsChicago Bears
1/31 p.m.Minnesota VikingsGreen Bay Packers
1/34:25 p.m.San Diego ChargersDenver Broncos
1/34:25 p.m.Seattle SeahawksArizona Cardinals
1/34:25 p.m.St. Louis RamsSan Francisco 49ers