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2016 NFL Parlay Picks For Week 5

Written by on July 19, 2016

This is generally the point in the season where you start to get an idea of which teams are really good, and which ones are going to struggle. There are also usually a couple of surprise teams (remember the Atlanta Falcons last season) who have put together a solid start, but who you know are not going to hold on. You would think that the wagering would get a little easier at this point, but the “any given Sunday’ rule still very much applies, and it’s never really a major surprise to see teams that are NFL betting odds favorites bite the dust against a lesser opponent. We are going to try and avoid those land mines when making these parlay picks, but it’s only natural that we might take a little bit of shrapnel along the way. There are some pretty obvious looking winners in Week 5, so let’s take a look at who they might be, as well as a couple who might come in at nice odds.

In Depth Analysis On The 2016 NFL Parlay Picks For Week 5


Patriots over Browns

This is the week that Tom Brady from New England Patriots will be coming off his 4-week suspension to start the season, and you have to feel a little bit of sympathy for the Cleveland Browns. You can bet that Mr. Brady is not going to be in a very forgiving mood, and will more than likely be very happy to chuck the ball all over the field to shake off the rust. This is one that could get pretty ugly very early on, and it has to go down as the lock pick of the week.

Cardinals over 49ers

The madness in San Francisco started in Jim Harbaugh’s final season, and it has continued unabated since then, and we are now at the point where this team is on the verge of totally imploding. On the flipside, the Cardinals have excelled with Bruce Arians as head coach, and they look to be one of the favorites in the NFC again this coming season. This is a road game for the Cards, but one that they really shouldn’t have any difficulty winning.

Bengals over Cowboys

This is a game that could just as easily been my iffy pick this week, but I am instead choosing the Bengals as my longer odds road pick this week. The Dallas Cowboys are a team that have had more than their fair share of injuries over the past few seasons, and it almost seems destined for it to happen to them every year at this point. If they can get to Week 5 unscathed, then the outcome of this one may be different, but I am taking the Bengals here, regardless.

Raiders over Chargers

I am all in on the Raiders this year, which I’m sure is a statement that is going to blow up in my face. I believe that they can challenge the status quo in the AFC West, and that includes taking out the Chargers at home in Week 5.

NFL Week 5 Parlay Picks

Patriots, Cardinals, Bengals…possibly Raiders.
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