2018 NFL Preseason Week 1 Betting Preview.

2018 NFL Preseason Week 1 Betting Preview

Written by on July 30, 2018

The NFL preseason will officially kick off with the annual Hall of Fame Game on Thursday night, after which we will only have one more week to wait until all the other teams see the field for the first time. Preseason games tend to not be particularly exciting given that most of the major stars of the game spend the time on the sideline, but it is a great way to get a look at the depth of each of the teams in the league. It’s also fun to see guys competing for positions, and we always see a few players come out of nowhere to make their respective squads. The goal for every team is to get out of these games injury-free, which is why we should not expect to see too much of the starters in the 2018 NFL Preseason Week 1.

2018 NFL Preseason Week 1 Betting Preview

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Philadelphia Eagles

This game should be a must watch for a number of different reasons, the most obvious of which is that it will be our first look at the Eagles since they won the Super Bowl. Perhaps the bigger story here, though, is the QB battle that is sure to play out with the Steelers.Yes, we know that Big Ben will be the #1, but there are 3 other guys in there and only room for 2. Since the Steelers just drafted Mason Rudolph, the battle for the final spot would appear to be between Landry Jones and Joshua Dobbs. All 3 of those QB’s are going to see playing time, so let the battle commence.

Dallas Cowboys vs San Francisco 49ers

Two of the most iconic franchise in the sport will be going head to head in the opening week of preseason. The Cowboys are coming into 2018 looking for a bounce-back year after delivering an underwhelming performance last season. You have to feel as though coach Jason Garrett is going to be on a bit of a short leash in 2018.There is an absolute ton of hype surrounding the 49ers coming into this season, and we will get an early idea if that hype is justified. It may just be preseason, but the 49ers will want to start winning early and often.

Washington Redskins vs New England Patriots

While fans of the Patriots continue to revel in the success of their team, the rest of the NFL world is sitting by waiting for the evil empire to crumble. Given the rumors of behind the scenes strife from last season, as well as some offseason moves that came as a surprise, we may well be looking at the beginning of the end for the Patriots this year.The Patriots are 2018 NFL Preseason Week 1 Betting favorites against the Redskins.For the Washington Redskins, there is newfound hope heading into 2018, as they feel they have finally got their man at QB, with Alex Smith coming over from the Chiefs.

LA Rams vs Baltimore Ravens

The LA Rams had a breakthrough season in 2017, and given what they have done, and more specifically the money they have spent, this offseason, it is clear that they believe they have a window of opportunity sitting wide open this season. The Rams went little nuts in free agency, while also locking up RB Todd Gurley to a massive contract.We are not likely to see any of their big signings in the opener, which is probably good news for the Ravens. This will be the second preseason game for Baltimore, so look for them to be a little more prepared and sharper in this one.

Rest of the Schedule for 2018 NFL Preseason Week 1

  • Cleveland Browns vs New York Giants
  • Carolina Panthers vs Buffalo Bills
  • Chicago Bears vs Cincinnati Bengals
  • New Orleans Saints vs Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Miami Dolphins
  • Tennessee Titans vs Green Bay Packers
  • Houston Texans vs Kansas City Chiefs
  • Indianapolis Colts vs Seattle Seahawks
  • Atlanta Falcons vs New York Jets
  • Detroit Lions vs Oakland Raiders
  • Minnesota Vikings vs Denver Broncos
  • Los Angeles Chargers vs Arizona Cardinals