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3 Reasons To Bet The UNDER In 2017 NFL Super Bowl 51

Written by on January 30, 2017

We are now only a few days away from the spectacle that is the Super Bowl, and there is already a lot of talk that we might be in for a shootout that would make the events at the OK Corral seem like a minor skirmish. The bookies tend to agree with this notion, as they have set the OVER/UNDER at 59 points, which is the highest total ever for the championship game. That is a big number for the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons to attain, yet everyone that I have spoken to seems to agree that the total will be eclipsed quite easily. I’m going to leave my predictions for articles later this week, and for now, I’m going to look at 3 reasons as to why this game might fall UNDER the total and before you wager on NFL playoffs, click here to cash in on the updated Super Bowl 51 promos.

3 Reasons To Bet The UNDER In 2017 NFL Super Bowl 51


Two High Scoring Teams Doesn’t Always Equal A High Scoring Game

We all assume that a pair of high-powered offenses are simply going to go out and do what they always so when the Super Bowl rolls around. This isn’t always the case, though, as you quite often get one defensive unit rising to the occasion and slowing the other team down. Yes, the Falcons are the highest scoring team in the league, but let’s not forget that the New England Patriots have the best defense in the league. You only need a few big defensive stops to keep points off the board, which can have a direct effect on a point total that is set this high. If you need proof of this, just look at the last time the point total was in the 50’s. That came in Super Bowl 44 when Drew Brees and Peyton Manning went head to head. The Saints and Colts had two of the best offenses ever assembled, but still fell short of the 57-point total, with the Colts only managing 17 points.

Big Game Jitters from the Falcons

The New England Patriots are an organization that has made a habit of heading to the Super Bowl, so they will be well aware of the pressure that comes with the big game. This is not something that can be said for Matt Ryan and the Falcons. Keep in mind that prior to this season, there were serious questions about Ryan’s ability to get the job done in the postseason. Yes, he has looked calm and poised in the playoffs this year, but better QB’s than him have come unglued when playing in the big one, especially for the first time.

More Field Goals than TD’s

While the OVER/UNDER number has been set high because of the play of both of these teams offensively, it also has to be said that part of the reason for the big number is down to the “bend, but don’t break” philosophy of both defenses. Both teams are going to give up yards, but if they batten down the hatches in the red zone, we could be looking at a lot of field goals hitting the board. You have just 3 big drives ending in FG’s instead of TD’s, you are looking at 12 points shaved off the game total. This seems like the most likely way the score will stay UNDER in SB51.