NFL 49ers Betting Tips for the 2022 Season: Win Total, Division and Conference, Super Bowl

NFL 49ers Betting Tips for the 2022 Season: Win Total, Division and Conference, Super Bowl

Every season on the NFL, there are always one or two divisions that are that much tougher than the rest. This year, the NFC West looks to be one of those divisions, as there can be solid arguments made for 3 of the 4 teams in there. The only team that looks to be headed for a long, rough season is the Seattle Seahawks, but it looks as though we could potentially see a great battle between the Rams, Cardinals, and 49ers, all of whom won double-digit games last season. All three of those teams ended up in the playoffs, so there is a chance we might see at least 2 go again this year.. Can the 49ers take a step forward this season and get back to the playoffs? Let’s look at the current odds for the division and a few other things to see what we can come up with so you can plan your bets against their NFL Odds.

San Francisco 49ers 2022 Season NFL Betting Guide to Help You Wager On Their Odds

49ers Win Total

The win total for the 49ers has been set at 9 ½ for the upcoming season, which basically has them close to standing pat after a 10-7 season last year. This is a number that you might want to keep an eye on, though, as there is still some indecision at the QB spot in San Francisco. All signs seem to point to Jimmy G moving on to pastures new and Trey Lance taking the reins, but we are now midway through the month of July and Garoppolo is still in San Francisco. The fact of the matter is that I think the 49ers have a better chance of winning with Garoppolo as the starter, so I really am on the fence about the win total, although I don’t think 10 or 11 wins is out of the question.

49ers Division and Conference Odds

Like we said earlier in this piece, winning the West is not going to be easy. The Rams, as expected, are in as the favorite at odds of +129, but the bookies have this division as being tight, with the 49ers currently in at odds of +172. How they make out in their two games against the Super Bowl champions might well go a long way towards deciding which team rules the West.

As far as the NFC as a whole goes, the feeling is that it will be a little weaker this season, so 10 or 11 wins might be enough for a Wild Card spot this time around, which it was not in 2021. Again, the 49ers are considered to be very much in the mix, with just 3 teams ahead of them on the board. As it stands now, the 49ers are +720 to win the NFC Championship, but we might well see those odds change once they make a final decision on their starting QB.

49ers Super Bowl Odds

No matter who eventually gets the start for the 49ers this season, I am not fully convinced that either of them can take this team to the promised land. Yes, Jimmy G took them to the NFC Championship Game last season, but the belief is that he will still be elsewhere once the season begins. Trey Lance going all the way to a championship in his first full season looks like a longshot, but if you like the 49ers to go all the way, you can get them at odds of +1525 to win the Super Bowl.


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