JAN 31 - A First Look At Super Bowl Prop Bets For Atlanta Falcons

A First Look At Super Bowl Prop Bets For Atlanta Falcons

Written by on January 31, 2017

This coming Sunday, when Super Bowl 51 begins, it will represent only the second ever appearance for the Atlanta Falcons in the Championship Game. There seems to be a definite split among people talking about their chances versus the New England Patriots. For every person who believes that their offense will be unstoppable this weekend, there is another who believes that their inexperience will do them in. Regardless of which side of that fence you sit on, you still can make some money with this team on Super Bowl Sunday, and that comes via the multitude of prop bets that are available. I have broken the Super Bowl betting predictions down into two distinct categories, so lets’ look and see what’s available.

A First Look At Super Bowl Prop Bets For Atlanta Falcons


SB51 Atlanta Falcons Game Props

As you might expect from a team with an offense this potent, many of the game props have to do with scoring. Your first wager option is to decide what the Atlanta Falcons first scoring play will be, a field goal or a TD. If you believe that it will be a TD, will it be a rushing or passing play? We all know that this team can score, but will they be able to put points on the board in each of the four quarters? In terms of efficiency wagers, you can look at their running game and choose between the OVER or UNDER 110.5 total yards. You can also wager on whether or not they will score a rushing TD at any point in the game, including OT. The total first downs number is set at 23.5, while the total sacks made by the defense comes in at 1.5. Given the point total for this game, everyone believes that the Falcons will score at least one TD, but when exactly will that happen? There are a few different TD scenarios to wager on for the Falcons, but if you believe that it is going to be their defense that rises up, then you can select from many different defensive props, such as sacks, INT’s, and whether the D can score.

SB51 Atlanta Falcons Player Props

The winner of SB51 will be the one that puts in the best overall team effort, but you can guarantee that one or two players will do something that will make a difference. For the Falcons, that may well be Matt Ryan, which is why he has a few prop bets open, such as total yards, completions, and total TD passes. The biggest target for Ryan I Julio Jones, and you can go with several different prop bets on the big receiver, from total catches to number of yards, plus many more. The running game will be crucial to the success of the Atlanta Falcons, and it will be Devonta Freeman who will get the majority of the carries. How many carries he gets, as well as his total yards, are both prop bets that are open to you. Choose your favorite player and make some money on what they do in the big game.
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