Who Wins The MVP? A Review of Super Bowl MVP Positions and Wins

Written by on May 1, 2015

One of the most popular prop bets each year revolves around the Super Bowl MVP. Each year, millions of people go online and bet on who they think will be name Most Valuable Player this time around.

Which Position has taken the most MVP trophy?

If we take a sneak peak in the past, we will come to know that offensive players have conquered the Most Valuable Player award most times. There are only 9 instances out of 49 when a defensive player has received the MVP trophy. The other 39 times, the trophy has been taken by players on positions like wide receiver, running back and quarterback. Back in Super Bowl XXXI, neither defensive not offensive player won the trophy, instead Desmond Howard who was a return expert from the Green Bay Packers got the MVP award.It will come as no shock whatsoever to learn that the quarterback position has an overwhelming lead in this honor. The MVP title of the Super Bowl has been won 26 times by the winning signal caller. In the last seven years, six times the quarterback position holder got the MVP and when Joe Flaco won it in 2013, it was the fourth quarterback in a row.

MVP Winning Pattern

Looking back at some Super Bowl history, you will find that the MVP was only won twice by a losing team’s player. In 1971, it was a linebacker from the Dallas Cowboys named Chuck Howley. In 2014, it was Seattle’s Malcolm Smith. So, if you want to bet, the most intelligent thing to do is wager on the quarterback of the team you believe is going to win.super-bowl-mvpBeneath we have incorporated a table that separates how often every position has won the MVP trophy and a rundown of all the Super Bowl victors.

Super Bowl Winners

• 1967 – Bart Starr QB (Green Bay Packers)• 1968 – Bart Starr QB (Green Bay Packers)• 1969 – Joe Namath QB (New York Jets)• 1970 – Len Dawson QB (Kansas City Chiefs)• 1971 – Chuck Howley LB (Dallas Cowboys)• 1972 – Roger Staubach QB (Dallas Cowboys)• 1973 – Jake Scott Safety (Miami Dolphins)• 1974 – Larry Csonka RB (Miami Dolphins)• 1975 – Franco Harris RB (Pittsburgh Steelers)• 1976 – Lynn Swann WR (Pittsburgh Steelers)• 1977 – Fred Biletnikoff WR (Oakland Raiders)• 1978 – Harvey Martin DE & Randy White DT (Dallas Cowboys)• 1979 – Terry Bradshaw QB (Pittsburgh Steelers)• 1980 – Terry Bradshaw QB (Pittsburgh Steelers)• 1981 – Jim Plunkett QB (Oakland Raiders)• 1982 – Joe Montana QB (San Francisco 49ers)• 1983 – John Riggins RB (Washington Redskins)• 1984 – Marcus Allen RB (Oakland Raiders)• 1985 – Joe Montana QB (San Francisco 49ers)• 1986 – Richard Dent DE (Chicago Bears)• 1987 – Phil Simms QB (New York Giants)• 1988 – Doug Williams QB (Washington Redskins)• 1989 – Jerry Rice WR (San Francisco 49ers)• 1990 – Joe Montana QB (San Francisco 49ers)• 1991 – Ottis Anderson RB (New York Giants)• 1992 – Mark Rypien QB (Washington Redskins)• 1993 – Troy Aikman QB (Dallas Cowboys)• 1994 – Emmitt Smith RB (Dallas Cowboys)• 1995 – Steve Young QB (San Francisco 49ers)• 1996 – Larry Brown CB (Dallas Cowboys)• 1997 – Desmond Howard KR/PR (Green Bay Packers)• 1998 – Terrell Davis RB (Denver Broncos)• 1999 – John Elway QB (Denver Broncos)• 2000 – Kurt Warner QB (St Louis Rams)• 2001 – Ray Lewis LB (Baltimore Ravens)• 2002 – Tom Brady QB (New England Patriots)• 2003 – Dexter Jackson Safety (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)• 2004 – Tom Brady QB (New England Patriots)• 2005 – Deion Branch WR (New England Patriots)• 2006 – Hines Ward WR (Pittsburgh Steelers)• 2007 – Peyton Manning QB (Indianapolis Colts)• 2008 – Eli Manning QB (New York Giants)• 2009 – Santonio Holmes WR (Pittsburgh Steelers)• 2010 – Drew Brees QB (New Orleans Saints)• 2011 – Aaron Rodgers QB (Green Bay Packers)• 2012 – Eli Manning QB (New York Giants)• 2013 – Joe Flacco QB (Baltimore Ravens)• 2014 – Malcolm Smith LB (Seattle Seahawks) ( (
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