Best Betting Plan for Super Bowl 50

Written by on January 27, 2016

Super Bowl 50 is right around the corner and it’s time to put together your own game plan for the betting lines of this game. Without a plan of attack, you will likely find yourself making random bets that you regret in the future. Continue reading for some tips and thoughts on what and how to bet on Super Bowl 50.When: Sunday, February 7, 2015Kickoff: 6:30 PM ETWhere: Santa Clara, CAStadium: Levi’s StadiumSpread: Panthers -5Moneyline: Carolina -220 vs Denver +190Game Total: 45Watch: CBSStreamCBS Sports ListenCarolina vs Denver

Opening Betting Tips

First, we have a couple opening tips you may want to keep in mind as you are putting your betting plan together. Many bettors love to bet on prop bets on the Super Bowl. These bets tend to be sucker bets. Avoid making many prop bets and stick to spread and moneyline bets on the game.Secondly, don’t forget about the moneyline. Many times, bettors will only bet on the spread. They will take the points or lay the points. But there are many games that the MoneyLine is a great bet.

Odds to Win Super Bowl 50

The first step to making your bets on Super Bowl 50 is understanding what the odds are. The Carolina Panthers are currently favored by -4.5 points. This means the Denver Broncos are +4.5 underdogs. If you are looking at the MoneyLine, the Panthers are -210 to win the game straight up. The Broncos are listed at +180 to win.Next, the total (or over/under) is a great thing to watch and bet on. The current total is set at 45.5 and will likely move a bit before the game starts on February 7th.

Analyzing The Spread

As we mentioned above, the Super Bowl 50 spread is set at Carolina -4.5 points. Take some time to analyze this number. Check the trends, splits and ATS numbers for both teams before committing to your bet. Watch the line moves. If the spread moves one direction or another, take note of that and analyze why that may have happened. Once you understand the spread, you can start to formulate who you want to bet on.

Why Bet On Denver +4.5

There are a few reasons the Denver Broncos are a good bet for Super Bowl 50. First off, they are getting 4.5 points. Most Super Bowl games are competitive games and anytime you can get an underdog it’s worth a shot. Secondly, the Denver defense will keep the Broncos close. They are as good as they come on the defensive side. Next, Peyton Manning may be getting older but he’s still a legend. He may have a little more magic up his sleeve for Super Bowl 50. Lastly, the public loves Carolina. Sometimes it’s a good strategy to go against the grain and bet on the less popular team. Betting on Denver +4.5 seems like it may be a decent way to go.

Why Bet On Carolina -4.5

On the flip side, there are also reasons you may want to bet on Carolina -4.5 to win Super Bowl 50. First, they are crushing the ATS numbers this season. The Panthers are 13-5 ATS on the season. When they win, they typically win big. Secondly, Cam Newton is playing like the best quarterback in the league right now. He’s having fun and he’s really rallying behind is great offensive line. The final reason it is a good idea to bet on the Panthers this Super Bowl is their defense. They have lockdown corners and a great defensive line. The Broncos should struggle to score here. Many will agree, betting on the Panthers -4.5 at is a solid bet.Carolina will open the Super Bowl as favorites.

Analyzing the Total

Next, you should analyze the total to understand how many points are expected to be scored in Super Bowl 50. As we mentioned above, the total is currently set at 45. Linesmakers look for this to be a 25-20 game or something like that. Analyzing how many points both teams scored throughout the season is a good way to understand if this number is to high or to low.

Analyzing the Money Line

Finally, we’ll take some time and analyze the Money Line numbers. Denver is listed as +180 and Carolina is listed at -210. Oddsmakers think Carolina should win this straight up. This MoneyLine has moved a bit since the opening line was released. Watching where this number goes is important as you formulate your MoneyLine bets.

Why Bet On Denver at +180

If you are going to bet on Denver, you may want to bet on Denver +180 to win the game straight up. If the Broncos hang close in this game, they may just win the game. Peyton Manning has always been clutch and one of the best two minute drill quarterbacks around. If the Broncos are in the game, they may just win it. Putting a bit of money on the Broncos +180 is a good moneyline bet.

Why Bet On Carolina at -210

As we mentioned above, Super Bowl games are typically close. If you believe the Panthers will win this game, you may want to avoid laying the points and just bet on the Panthers MoneyLine. This gets rid of that risk that the Panthers win by a field goal. Carolina is the better team here. But do you want to lay the points? Bet the Panthers -210 MoneyLine and sleep well knowing you just need them to win the game.


To conclude, starting putting together your individual plan of attack for betting Super Bowl 50. Take advantage of the MyBookie 50% bonus this playoff season to get your started. Once you are funded and ready to go, start making some spread and moneyline bets for Super Bowl 50. Good luck!
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