Bucs Offense Vs Chiefs Defense Super Bowl Expert Analysis

Bucs Offense Vs Chiefs Defense Super Bowl Expert Analysis

Written by on February 2, 2021

For years now, we have heard people talk about how defense wins championships. While a team does usually need to be defensively sound to make a deep playoff run, the ones who go on to win the Super Bowl usually have a balanced defense and attack. More often than not, the teams that win the Super Bowl usually have an elite QB at the helm. Yes, there are some exceptions to the rule, but those tend to be few and far between. We have a great QB matchup this year, with the GOAT Tom Brady going against Patrick Mahomes, a QB that might one day steal the GOAT title from Brady. For the purposes of this piece, we are going to forget about Mahomes and instead focus on the Buccaneers offense and how they might fare against the Chiefs D. Let’s get to it so you can get ready to make your bets against their Super Bowl odds as the big game rapidly approaches.

Tampa Bay’s Offense Vs Kansas City Defense: What could happen?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Offense

Going back to the regular season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have now won 7 straight games after going through a patch where they did not look anything like a playoff contender, never mind a Super Bowl champion. The turnaround began when the offense got hot, and no team has been better during the past couple of months. The Bucs are now averaging just shy of 31 PPG this season, although it is worth noting that 5 of their 7 wins came against teams with losing record. That aside, they also beat New Orleans and Green Bay on the road to the Super Bowl, scoring 30 and 31 points, respectively.

During the regular season, the offense averaged 289.1 YPG through the air and 94.9 YPG on the ground. While the numbers have dipped in the passing side of things through the postseason, the running game stats have increased to 115 YPG in the playoffs.

Kansas City Chiefs Defense

Let’s be honest, it is the Kansas City Chiefs offense that gets all the love, and for very good reason. If you remember, though, the defense began to tighten up in the closing weeks of last season and ended up playing a major role in the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl. They look to be doing that again this season, as they were giving up 23 PPG in the regular season and have given up 20.5 PPG in the postseason against a pair of very good offensive teams in the Cleveland Browns and the Buffalo Bills.

They are allowing just 215 YPG through the air this postseason, mainly because they are a team that loves to blitz and get pressure on the QB. The Chiefs also have an aggressive safety group and have a pair of picks this postseason.

What Might Happen?

After watching Tom Brady throw 3 picks against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game, you can bet that the Chiefs D is going to go after him early and often. That might get taken away if the Bucs can establish the run game, but that is a big if. Brady needs to protect the football and not give Mahomes short fields to work with, or this thing could be over early.

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