Buffalo Bills 2018 NFL Win/Loss Odds Prediction

Buffalo Bills 2018 NFL Win/Loss Odds Prediction

Written by on July 12, 2018

If you’re an NFL betting aficionado that is looking to cash in one some long-term win total odds, then the MYBookie NFL sportsbook is the place to be!Thanks to the value-packed odds we are offering – and my expert betting prediction on the Buffalo Bills’ regular season win total odds, you’re going to have a great chance to make a potentially winning wager on Buffalo’s 2018 win total odds. Now, let’s find out if the Bills can either duplicate or improve on their 9-7 season from a year ago that saw them reach the playoffs for the first time in 17 years.

Buffalo Bills 2018 NFL Win/Loss Odds Prediction

  • Buffalo Bills Win Total Odds – 6.5

Week 1 at Baltimore Ravens

Strangely enough, the Bills star the regular season with a road date in Baltimore. Unfortunately for them, they decided to part ways with underrated veteran quarterback Tyrod Taylor in favor of either unproven veteran backup A.J. McCarron or second-year signal-caller Nathan Peterman and that just doesn’t bode well in this contest against a Ravens defense that has been perennially powerful for close to two decades. Loss. 0-1.

Week 2  vs. Los Angeles Chargers

The Bills decided not to hire former interim coach Anthony Lynn and now, they’re going to see why that was a foolish mistake as Lynn brings in a Los Angeles Chargers team with some serious playoff hopes in 2018 to get the big road win. Loss. 0-2.

Week 3 Week 3: at Minnesota Vikings

Well, damn, things just don’t get any better for Buffalo as either McCarron or Peterman suffer a beat-down of epic proportions against Minnesota’s mighty defense. Loss. 0-3.

Week 4 at Green Bay Packers

I’m thinking Green Bay superstar Aaron Rodgers could throw the ball better left-handed than either McCarron or Peterman. The Pack get the fairly easy home win in Week 4. Loss. 0-4.

Week 5 vs. Tennessee Titans

I’m not real find of the Bills getting the win in Week 5, but I’m going to say complete desperation, combined with the fact that they’re playing at home, leads them to victory in this one! Win. 1-4.

Week 6 at Houston Texans

The Bills were one of the franchises that foolishly passed on Houston quarterback Deshaun Watson and now they get to suffer a bit for that obvious mistake. Loss. 1-5.

Week 7 at Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck will be back on the field for the Colts this coming season, but Indy has a multitude of problems on both sides of the ball. Buffalo’s stingy defense leads them to what looks like a rare road win in 2018. Win. 2-5

Week 8 vs. New England Patriots

Even at home in a huge Monday night affair, the Bills stand no chance of beating Tom Brady and a clearly superior New England Patriots team that enters 2018 with some legitimate Super Bowl hopes – again. Loss. 2-6.

Week 9 vs. Chicago Bears

I like Chicago’s hiring of former Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy, but the Bears are still rebuilding and should fall to the Bills on the road in this Week 8 Inter-Conference clash. Win. 3-6.

Week 10 at New York Jets

I like Jets head coach Todd Bowles far more than I do Buffalo’s Seam McDermott. The Jets will have the edge at quarterback with either Josh McCown or Teddy Bridgewater being far better than McCarron or Peterman. New York gets the home win as part of a regular season split. Loss. 3-7.

Week 11 BYE

Are the Bills a safe bet for the 2018 NFL season?

Week 12 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars reached the AFC Championship in stunning fashion last season and have some legitimate hopes for a repeat performance in 2018 if not more. Jacksonville is simply superior to Buffalo on both sides of the ball these days. Loss. 3-8.

Week 13 at Miami Dolphins

Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill is the definition of mediocre, yet he’ll be the best quarterback on the field in this AFC East divisional battle, That means Miami will get the win at home in what I expect to be a regular season split. Loss. 3-9.

Week 14 vs. New York Jets

Revenge will be the name of this game! The Bills get the win at home against their longtime division rivals. Win. 4-9.

Week 15 vs. Detroit Lions

I’m not real fond of Detroit’s hiring of former Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia, but he knows Buffalo inside and out, plus Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford could outplay both, McCarron and Peterman with his eyes closed.  Loss. 4-10.

Week 16 at New England Patriots

Sweep, sweep, sweep! The Patriots cruise in this one as they start making plans for the payoffs. Loss. 4-11.

Week 17 vs. Miami Dolphins

While I’ve got the Bills struggling mightily in 2018, they’ll at least finish off their campaign with a division win over a Miami Dolphins team that I expect to be mediocre at best. Win. 5-11.I’ve got the Bills playing under their 6.5-game win total odds and you should too, especially with all of the impending legal drama surrounding superstar running back LeSean McCoy, who may now, miss some of the season for his alleged role in the league’s latest domestic abuse incident.Under 6.5 Wins