2015 NFL Betting

NFL Sports Betting Tool Chest for first time bettors

Written by on May 1, 2015

How to bet and win

NFL sports betting is not always pure luck and magic; it is mostly about investing time in analysis, reading through statistics and the history of results. It is basically applying mathematics to the game, the wins and losses, calculating percentages to determine which team is more successful. People who have been betting for a long time consider themselves successful if they win 60-65% of their bets. They are very successful when they hit 80-90% of betting odds, and they have a bad week when they hit less than 45%. Generally, a bettor is considered successful when his average rate of winning bets is around 65%.

NFL Preliminary

Before the season starts, every NFL team is analyzed on TV and other media, through analysis of the team’s possibilities to succeed in the upcoming season. This way you can get important info for your analysis and future NFL betting predictions and the majority of this information is free, aside from the price of the magazine.Payton MAnning

NFL Official Page and Twitter

The NFL web page at nfl.com provides a completely free pool to download and use info about players and teams, such as statistics, videos, current standings of certain team/player, etc. The NFL statistics sheets are thorough and with a lot of useful info, but easy to comprehend and put into use. The NFL web page provides statistics about the offensive line divided into center, left and right side. Data about players and teams are updated as they change, and this is truly a resourceful center for relevant, valuable betting info. 

Games Played before the Season Starts

Teams play games before the official beginning of the season. Watch these games to get a handle on the actual current standings of teams—both individual players and team as a whole, how the team functions with the coach, etc. Watching the entire preseason and reading reports about these games will provide you with valuable info about teams and their development as the season approaches.
 Get as much info from as many different valuable resources as possible. Even when you have to pay for such info (subscribe to sports channels), this will still be very low price, compared to wins you will achieve with accurate, informed bets. Sports channels have professionals with valuable knowledge about the sports they comment on, NFL betting lines included.Sources: CBS Sports: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/teamsWikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sports_television_channels