Cleveland Browns 2019 Season Win/Loss Total Odds & Predictions

Cleveland Browns Season Win/Loss Total Odds & Predictions

Written by on May 17, 2019

The NFL recently released the schedule for the upcoming 2019 season, with the bookies quickly following suit with their release of the win/loss totals for each team. This is one of the trickier wagers to play, as you just never really know who is going to soar and who is going to tank, but it sure is fun to look at those totals and make some predictions. For this piece, we are going to look at the Cleveland Browns win/loss total odds.

Cleveland Browns 2019 Season Win/Loss Total Odds & Predictions

Cleveland Browns 2019 Schedule

  • Week 1: Tennessee Titans
  • Week 2: New York Jets
  • Week 3: Los Angeles Rams
  • Week 4: Baltimore Ravens
  • Week 5: San Francisco 49ers
  • Week 6: Seattle Seahawks
  • Week 7: Bye
  • Week 8: New England Patriots
  • Week 9: Cleveland Browns
  • Week 10: Buffalo Bills
  • Week 11: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Week 12: Miami Dolphins
  • Week 13: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Week 14: Cincinnati Bengals
  • Week 15: Arizona Cardinals
  • Week 16: Baltimore Ravens
  • Week 17: Cincinnati Bengals

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Why Browns over 6 is a good bet?

It’s hard to believe that a 7-8-1 season could be viewed as a breakthrough season, but that’s exactly what it was for a Cleveland Browns team that couldn’t buy a win for many seasons prior to that one. Spurring this change in direction was landing QB Baker Mayfield in the draft, as that young man certainly looks like the real deal.

Rather than resting on their laurels and standing pat, the Browns chose to get very aggressive in the offseason market, with their biggest move being going out and getting Odell Beckham Jr. from the New York Giants. He is a legitimate impact player that will serve as the perfect outlet for a QB that likes to move around in the pocket.

The Browns are now in as a favorite to win the AFC North, so it is going to be interesting to see how they react to being in a very unfamiliar position heading into the season.

Why Browns under 6 is a good bet?

While landing big-name players always means that you have the opportunity to win every week, it can also present some other issues. There are now some very big personalities on this team, with OBJ perhaps the biggest of all, so how are they all going to gel as they each individually look to be “the man” in Cleveland.

Odell Beckham is the new star of the Cleveland Browns.

Being in as a favorite delivers some pressure that this team simply has not been used to over the years. How well they react to that pressure could well dictate how this season goes for the Browns. If they get off to a slow start, how long will it be before those big personalities start to clash?

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Cleveland Browns 2019 Regular Season Win/Loss Total Final Analysis

You can say this for every team in the NFL, but I really do believe that a fast start is important for this team. Expectations are high, which means that people, players, and fans alike, could start getting a little antsy if this team does not deliver.

Winning the AFC North is still going to be tough. The Ravens and Steelers have both made some big shake-ups in their personnel, but both are still very good teams that could legitimately win this division. How the Browns perform against those two could well be a deciding factor.

I think that’s last season served as a solid foundation for this team, which is why I think they come out and build on that nicely. 10 or 11 wins should not be out of the question for the Browns.

NFL Betting Pick: OVER 9