NFL Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – July 27th Edition

NFL Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – July 27th Edition

The NBA has had their teams in a bubble. MLB started their season last week without a bubble. Both present different ways for the National Football League to try and get their 2020-2021 regular season off the ground. How the NFL decides to manage their upcoming season is anyone’s guess. Check out an update on what’s happening in the National Football League and how things could change as we head into training camps so you can start planning ahead your bets against their NFL odds.

NFL Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – July 27th Edition

2021 Super Bowl

  • When: Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021
  • Where: Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL

2021 Super Bowl Odds

  • Kansas City Chiefs +600
  • Baltimore Ravens +650
  • San Francisco 49ers +850
  • New England Patriots +1200
  • New Orleans Saints +1000
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +2200
  • Dallas Cowboys +1400
  • A. Chargers +4000
  • Green Bay Packers +2500
  • Seattle Seahawks +1750
  • Philadelphia Eagles +2000
  • A. Rams +5500
  • Cleveland Browns +3000
  • Minnesota Vikings +2800
  • A. Raiders +5000
  • Indianapolis Colts +2000
  • Tennessee Titans +3000
  • Houston Texans +5500
  • Chicago Bears +4000
  • Atlanta Falcons +3300
  • Buffalo Bills +2200
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +850
  • Denver Broncos +4000
  • Carolina Panthers +10000
  • New York Giants +10000
  • New York Jets +9000
  • Detroit Lions +6500
  • Arizona Cardinals +4000
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +17500
  • Cincinnati Bengals +10000
  • Miami Dolphins +7000
  • Washington Football Team +12500

To bubble or not to bubble? That is the question

The biggest question among NFL analysts, fans, and even players is whether teams should form bubbles or not.

The NFL is spread among all four U.S. regions. That means, there is a chance that the NFL could go the NHL route.

One NFL bubble city could end up being Tampa Bay. Hillsborough County, where Tampa is located, has just 27,077 cases.

Although that seems like a lot, having a bubble in Hillsborough County makes sense.

Another bubble could take place in Baltimore and Washington D.C. Cases in D.C. are low. That takes care of the East Coast.

When it comes to the West Coast, the league would have to decide on a couple of cities among Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, or some place in Texas like Houston or Dallas.

Yes, California, Florida, Texas, and Arizona are U.S. hot spots. But, the Covid-19 case curve in all four states should soon flatten.

Why has the NFL not discussed the bubble idea in length? The National Football League wanted to see if Major League Baseball’s plan worked. The jury remains out on if it will.

Also, the NBA restarts their season with a single bubble in Orlando on July 30. The NHL has a couple of bubble cities.

We’re guessing that the National Football League wants to see how all of the ideas play out before deciding of how they will move forward with the 2020-2021 NFL Regular Season.

Seahawks’ odds drop after they trade for safety Jamal Adams

Much like what happened to the odds on the New England Patriots after they signed former NFL MVP Cam Newton, the odds on the Seattle Seahawks dropped after they traded for Jets’ safety Jamal Adams.

Adding Jamal to the newly formed Legion of Boom didn’t come without a cost. The Seahawks parted ways with a couple of first round draft picks. Adams is a safety and more than one NFL analyst talked about two first round picks being a steep price for a safety.

Then again, Adams could be a game-changer for a defense that required a playmaker after the front seven.

In any case, the odds on the Hawks dropped from the +2000 range to +1750. That’s not as significant as the Patriots going from +2500 to +1200 after signing Cam. It’s still a drop, which means Super Bowl future bettors believe Adams’ presence absolutely helps Seattle’s cause.

Overlay Vince Lombardi Trophy odds are there for the taking with the Steelers at +2200, the Vikings at +2800, and the Titans, a 2019 AFC Championship participant, at +3000.

If you’re not in love with the teams offering +2000 or less, you’ve got plenty of opportunities to make a Super Bowl wager on a team offering better than fair odds.

Have a great week!