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NFL Betting Types: Future Bets

Written by on May 1, 2015

Future bets also known as future odds or futures, much like the stock market where you can speculate on whether a commodity’s value will increase or decrease over time. On top of the bragging rights of picking an NFL long shot in August that goes on to win the Super Bowl in February, there are tempting odds to sample and tempting profits to earn in this type of NFL betting.

Betting on the winning team

The most commonly placed future bet in the football lines or NFL betting is to the winning team. The bettor will place money on the prediction of which team will likely win the Super Bowl game. Once the NFL football season is over, the betting lines open up for the next Super Bowl and bettors can place their bets. During this period of time, each team playing in the NFL is allotted with certain odds. These betting odds keep on changing during the week and even during the 24 hours of a day. If you get an early bargain on a team, make sure you avail it at the right time.  

Betting on the Odds to Win the Conference Championships

In the same type of future NFL lines comes another very popular form of bet. Based on betting odds in winning the AFC and the NFC championships. These are the types of betting lines that can be changed anytime during the season and have to be placed early. Future bets like this one are especially profitable for those people who have good instincts and analysis on having good betting odds on a team and they think that team will reach the Super Bowl. The mechanics of this future bet is same as with the winning team, but the bet becomes invalid as soon as the team gets eliminated from the Super Bowl.

Betting on the NFL MVP

The third type of betting lines in the future bets is who will win the MVP in the National Football League. This NFL Betting contains a list of the top rated players of the season and the book makers mention their betting odds next to them. The bet ends once the new season starts. This bet cannot be cancelled and remains valid till the season ends. This year Packers’ Aaron Rodgers was named Most Valuable Player.  

Betting Over or Under

The fourth type of NFL betting in the future category is the over and under estimation of how many games a team will win in the regular NFL season. This is a good way to bet on the football odds. The betting odds are based on the performance of the team from the previous season. There are also many other types of future bets available in the sports book market. Make sure to bet on the best Football Odds of the season. Sources:  NFL : NFL:
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