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How to Understand the Key Numbers in NFL Betting

Written by on May 1, 2015

The NFL key numbers are an essential component of NFL betting systems. Anyone interested in getting into Football betting that wants a winning shot at it must understand what the key numbers are all about. Every serious bettor must know the importance of these numbers in the maximization of the winning chances of the bettor. For a simple explanation, the NFL key numbers can be defined as the most used and common figures or margins of the winning related to the NFL games scores that are final.

NFL Key Numbers Which are Most Common

Any expert bettor in NFL betting and football lines will be informed that the most common margins of victory are the 3 points. So it can be safely stated that it does not matter what the final scores of the game reach up to, the winning margin between the two competing teams will be 3 or 7 points. These key numbers have not been selected randomly, but have a logical explanation. Research was done for many years into the records of previous NFL games and it was concluded that a large number of teams reached a tie situation in the last minutes and overtimes of the game. This showed that through a simple field goal of 3points they could easily reach a victorious situation. Therefore, the researcher suggested the 3 point margin in victory as a key NFL number as the first choice. Based on the same principle, 7 was selected as the next key number as player can score 6 points for a touchdown and a single extra point for a successful kick. As per the NFL statistics the next two most common NFL key numbers are 10 and 6.   browns vs colts

The Additional Half of a Point

During the NFL betting system anyone can be encountered with the NFL odds. These NFL odds may state a team as a -3 points favorite which will mean that if the same team is able to win by 3 points, there will be a push result. Sometimes the NFL betting experts may add up a half a point to the same betting odds. This will make the NFL odds as the -3.5 points favorite. This would be meaning that in a betting situation the push result will not be valid.

Remember Avoiding Some NFL Key Numbers

To increase their betting customers, the book makers often add attractive NFL odds to the betting lines. But bettors should remember that all NFL odds are not beneficial. Make sure you keep your eyes open and wear a thinking cap before plunging into any bet. Bet with the best! Sources: NFL: http://www.nfl.com/stats/player Yahoo Sports: https://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/odds
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