NFL Network Super Bowl LIII Picks

NFL Network Super Bowl LIII Picks

Written by on February 2, 2019

Super Bowl LIII expert picks are out. All the major sports networks, Fox Sports, CBS Sports, ESPN, and even the NFL Network have made expert predictions. Some have done things differently than others, for example Fox Sports used a computer while CBS Sports runs their own tout service, but the predictions are in.

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NFL Network Super Bowl LIII Picks

NFL Net Analysts All Over Rams

Before an in-depth analysis, check out what 6 NFL analysts feel will happen on Sunday when the New England Patriots battle the Los Angeles Rams:
  • Reggie Bush – New England Patriots
  • Reggie Wayne – New England Patriots
  • James Jones – L.A. Rams
  • Will Blackmon – L.A. Rams
  • Maurice Jones-Drew – L.A. Rams
  • Rod Woodson – L.A. Rams

Notice something similar among All 6 NFL Analysts? They’re all ex-players!

Every single NFL Analyst that’s made a pick at one time stepped onto the football field. What’s really interesting is how some of the analyst’s personal feelings, whether they know or not, seemed to have affected their Super Bowl LIII choice.

For example, Reggie Bush believes the Patriots not only beat the Rams on Sunday, but that they dominate by 2 to 3 touchdowns. Really, Reggie? Really?

Sounds ludicrous, but it makes sense why Bush would make such a drastic call. He played almost his entire career in a Saints’ uniform. Reggie’s probably still a New Orleans fan and like most Saints fans believes they were robbed in the NFC Championship.

James Jones picked against the Patriots in the AFC Championship. Why wouldn’t he stick to his guns when making his pick for Super Bowl LIII?

The great Rod Woodson battled Tom Brady and Patriots every year as a Pittsburgh Steeler and then as a Baltimore Raven. He knows first hand how great the Patriots are. He also must hate New England. How can a former Steeler and Ravens player not hate the Pats?

Maurice Jones-Drew played almost his entire career with the Jaguars. There’s no real reason for him to hate the Patriots. No emotion might be involved in MJD’s pick.

It’s also difficult to think that Reggie Wayne allowed emotion to creep into his pick. Reggie played for the Indianapolis Colts. He got a chance to see Brady’s greatness up front and personal. If Reggie says he likes the Pats to win, he means it!

Same thing with Will Blackmon. Blackmon knocked around the league from 2006 to 2013 before ending up in the CFL. We sort of have to take his word for it if he thinks the Rams win.

Should we Take any NFL Network Analyst Seriously?

Former NFL players make for decent NFL Analysts because they can discuss what actually happens on the field. But, that doesn’t mean we should take them seriously before making a wager.

Think about it, every player that becomes an NFL Analyst, no matter at what station, is an expert at a single NFL position. For example, Rod Woodson understands everything about being a defensive back in the NFL. He probably doesn’t know offense that well.

So, if you do take these NFL Network Analysts opinions to heart, just remember to do your own handicapping before laying down dollars.

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