New England Patriots Look Cold in Super Bowl LIII Futures

New England Patriots Look Cold in Super Bowl LIII Futures

Written by on June 22, 2018

As has been the case, the New England Patriots are favored to win the Super Bowl. The Patriots were favored to win the Super Bowl for the 2016-2017 NFL Season. They were favored to win the Super Bowl last season. They’re favored to win Super Bowl LIII this season.There are some slight differences, though. The slight differences point to the Patriots being cold in Super Bowl futures.

New England Patriots Look Cold in Super Bowl LIII Futures

New England opened as a +350 favorite to win Super Bowl 53. Their odds drifted all the way up to +650 before the Pats secured a couple of Round 1 Draft Picks. After drafting Isaiah Wynn and Sony Michel, the Patriots dropped to around +400.On MyBookie, that’s where their odds remain. New England’s odds in other sportsbooks are as high as +650. Why? There are a few reasons.

How Much Will Wynn and Michel Help New England?

Sony Michel can be an electrifying running back. He was somewhat injury prone while in college at the University of Georgia. Not only that, but he’s most effective getting the edge instead of rushing up the middle. Getting the edge in college is much easier for an RB to do than getting the edge in the NFL.Wynn is a great offensive lineman. He’s a guard, which means his job will be to protect the rush up the middle on Tom Brady. Wynn has had some injury issues as well.

Who Will Protect Brady’s Blind Side?

Are the Patriots a safe bet to make it to Super Bowl LIII?It’s difficult to see Wynn replacing Nate Solder at left tackle. That’s not his position. Solder bolted to the New York Giants. From most NFL fan perspectives, Solder is irreplaceable.If Solder is irreplaceable, that means Tom Brady could be in some trouble. If Tom Brady gets in trouble, the entire New England offense will be in trouble.

New England Has No Real Plan B After Terrific Tom

Let’s say Solder’s replacement doesn’t do a very good job. The more Brady gets banged up, the more difficult it will be to keep him healthy for the playoffs. New England has no true QB2 that can spell Brady. They traded their future starter, their current QB2 Jimmy Garappolo, to the San Francisco 49’ers last season.

The Defense Might Still Be a Work in Progress

New England’s defense ranked 5th in points allowed at 18.5 last season. But, New England allowed 251.2 passing yards per game. That ranked 30th last season. The Pats’ D also allowed 114.8 rushing yards last season. That ranked 20th.The defense could be an issue this season. Any weakness on the offense could lead the Patriots to an 11 and 5, or even 10 and 6 season. At 11 and 5, New England will be hard pressed to beat Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, or Houston for the AFC Championship.Why are the New England Patriots cold in Super Bowl Futures? That’s easy to answer. Due to a possible soon to be mediocre offense, and a defense that’s a work in progress, the Patriots’ dynasty might finally be on it’s last legs.

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