Next Starting Quarterback For Patriots Odds

Next Starting Quarterback For Patriots Odds

Written by on March 23, 2020

History has clearly shown that every single dynasty has a shelf life. While some go on longer than others, they do eventually come to an end, which is perhaps what we are seeing in New England right now. After two decades as a Patriot, Tom Brady has left the building and headed south to Tampa Bay and a lucrative new contract with the Buccaneers. The Patriots have always been able to handle the loss of big-name players and continue to win, but this is totally different. The question we all have now is about how New England can replace the GOAT. There are some Quarterback For Patriots options out there, so let’s take a look at who might land in a Patriots uniform this offseason.

Next Starting Quarterback For Patriots Odds

Jason Stidham (+175)

Drafted in 2019, Stidham actually had a stellar preseason last year, which may well have prompted the Patriots to move on from an aging Tom Brady. In fairness, though, preseason and the regular season are very different, so if the Patriots do decide to roll with Stidham this coming season, it has to be seen as a huge gamble based on a very small body of work. If that us the way they go, expect to see them look for a veteran arm to come in as a mentor and reliable backup.

Cam Newton (+200)

The Cam Newton era in Carolina looks to be officially over, with the Panther inking Teddy Bridgewater to a hefty 3-year contract. Newton is going to land somewhere else, but whether that is as a starter remains to be seen. Newton does have massive upside, but he is also a player prone to injury and tantrums, which make him a bit of an iffy pick. If Newton can buy into the Patriots way, he could well prove to be a very good signing Quarterback For Patriots.

Andy Dalton (+375)

With Joe Burrow expected to be the #1 pick by the Bengals in the draft, the belief is that Andy Dalton’s time in Cincinnati is now officially over. Dalton has put up some decent career numbers on a team that has struggled to compete during time under center. He might well be a guy that benefits from a change of scenery and a coaching staff that seems to be able to get the best out of any player they bring in.

Jameis Winston (+700)

With Tom Brady, the Patriots got used to life where their QB made very few mistakes. With that in mind, you do need to wonder about Winston as a Patriot, as his turnovers have become a major issue over the past couple of seasons. This is a player, though, who can put up some big numbers, so if Belichick and company van get him away from the mental errors that have plagued his stays, Winston might prove to be an okay fit.

There have been some other names tossed around, such as Matthew Stafford and the maybe a Ryan Fitzpatrick, the latter of whom would serve as a placeholder until Stidham is ready to take the reins. This is a big decision for the Patriots and one that they need to get right.