NFL Betting - Early Betting Guide for Week 1

NFL Betting – Early Betting Guide for Week 1

Written by on August 4, 2020

It’s August. For sports handicappers that means a single thing. Football is around the corner! Check out our early NFL betting guide. Be aware that the NFL may decide to go to a two to four city bubble concept depending on how things shake out in Major League Baseball. For now, we must assume that teams will host opponents in their cities. Check out analysis and free picks for every game in NFL Week 1, along with some of their NFL odds!

Early Betting Guide for NFL Week 1

2020 NFL Week 1

  • When: Thursday, Sep. 10 – Monday, Sep. 14

2020 NFL Week 1 Odds

Houston Texans / Kansas City Chiefs -10

Quarterback DeShaun Watson doesn’t have DeAndre Hopkins to throw the pigskin to anymore. That’s a bummer for the Texans and their fans. Chiefs should cover.

  • When: Thursday, Sep 10
  • NFL Week 1 Pick: Kansas City Chiefs -10

Miami Dolphins / New England Patriots -6 ½ 

At least eight Patriots have opted-out of the season. More could follow before the deadline. Still, it’s hard to see the Dolphins covering. That’s because Cam Newton and Pats’ offensive coordinator Josh McDaniel will be a football marriage made in heaven.

  • When: Sunday, Sep 13
  • NFL Week 1 Pick: New England Patriots -6 ½ 

Cleveland Browns / Baltimore Ravens -8 ½ 

This is a massive number. Sure, the Ravens are the better team. But in 2019 Cleveland split with the Ravens. They beat Baltimore 40-25 in Week 4. Take the points.

  • When: Sunday, Sep 13
  • NFL Week 1 Pick: Cleveland Browns +8 ½ 

New York Jets / Buffalo Bills -6

Bills are Super Bowl contenders. The Jets most definitely aren’t. Lay it.

  • When: Sunday, Sep 13
  • NFL Week 1 Pick: Buffalo Bills -6

Las Vegas Raiders -1 ½ / Carolina Panthers

The Raiders should play much better in their new digs. 2019 was a throwaway season for LVR. They have an identity now, which means they start the season off with a win and cover against a Panther squad with a lot of new players who don’t yet know each other.

  • When: Sunday, Sep 13
  • NFL Week 1 Pick: Las Vegas Raiders -1 ½   

Seattle Seahawks -1 / Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons should be much improved, but Atlanta doesn’t have a rushing attack. Sure, new RB Todd Gurley could prove to be exactly what the Falcons require to challenge for the NFC South. But in Week 1, they play a team that’s proven. Seattle wins and covers.

  • When: Sunday, Sep 13
  • NFL Week 1 Pick: Seattle Seahawks -1

Indianapolis Colts -6 ½ / Jacksonville Jaguars

The Colts are solid. The Jaguars are a mess. Indianapolis should cover this even if it’s a tough spread.

  • When: Sunday, Sep 13
  • NFL Week 1 Pick: Indianapolis Colts -6 ½  

Green Bay Packers / Minnesota Vikings -3

This could be a tough game for Minnesota. More than likely? It will be a tough game for the Green Bay Packers. The Pack drafted quarterback Jordan Love. Aaron Rodgers is not happy. Vikings cover.

  • When: Sunday, Sep 13
  • NFL Week 1 Pick: Minnesota Vikings -3

Los Angeles Chargers -3 / Cincinnati Bengals

The Chargers went from Super Bowl contenders to a Super Bowl underdog after Philip Rivers left. LAC will start a decent quarterback in Tyrod Taylor. Cincinnati will start a rookie at quarterback. Bengals’ signal-caller Joe Burrow is a Heisman Trophy winner. Go with the home team with the Heisman winner.

  • When: Sunday, Sep 13
  • NFL Week 1 Pick: Cincinnati Bengals +3

Arizona Cardinals / San Francisco 49ers -7 ½ 

This a ton of points to give up to a Cardinals squad that added DeAndre Hopkins. The Cardinals should be much improved. They can challenge the Niners for the NFC West.

  • When: Sunday, Sep 13
  • NFL Week 1 Pick: Arizona Cardinals +7 ½  

Tampa Bay Buccaneers / New Orleans Saints -3 ½ 

Tom Brady will make a difference in Tampa Bay. More importantly, history tells us that the Saints struggle with the Bucs. Even if New Orleans wins, it could be by a field goal or less.

  • When: Sunday, Sep 13
  • NFL Week 1 Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3 ½  

Dallas Cowboys -2 ½ / L.A. Rams

The Rams didn’t shore up their offensive line. Dallas should contend for a Super Bowl. No reason Mike McCarthy won’t improve the Cowboys. 

  • When: Sunday, Sep 13
  • NFL Week 1 Pick: Dallas Cowboys -2 ½  

Pittsburgh Steelers -3 ½ / New York Giants

Is there any reason to back the Giants? Not really. Big Ben returns for a solid Pittsburgh team that almost made the playoffs last season without him. The Steelers defense should be a top 5 unit.

  • When: Monday, Sep 14
  • NFL Week 1 Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers -3 ½  

Tennessee Titans / Denver Broncos -1 ½ 

It’s difficult to understand why last season AFC Championship participant Tennessee gets points versus the Broncos. The Titans are solid on both sides of the football. They should win straight up. 

  • When: Monday, Sep 14
  • NFL Week 1 Pick: Tennessee Titans +1 ½  
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