NFL Off-season Needs For Every Team

NFL Off-season Needs For Every Team

Written by on January 31, 2018

With the 2017 NFL regular season now a thing of the past, now is the perfect time to take a humorous, but simultaneously, serious, look at the offseason needs of every team in the league. As NFL betting enthusiasts everywhere know, it’s never too early to start making preparations for the upcoming season, particularly with football, now being a year-round entity with the offseason having a life all its own. This fun-filled look at the offseason needs of every team in the league will both, inform and entertain!

Early NFL Betting Predictions for 2018 Regular Season

AFC East

Miami Dolphins

Get rid of Jay Cutler – and Ryan Tannehill – and pray like hell you can find an actual quarterback in a draft full of them! Also, never let Adam Gase get involved with any GM moves ever again – like bringing in Cutler or trading Jay Ajayi, duh!

New England Patriots

Get some young defensive players and a backup quarterback after foolishly trading both, Jacoby Brissett and Jimmy G. Believe it or not, Tom Brady won’t play forever…or at least I don’t think so … and apparently, neither does Bill Belichick.

NY Jets

Get someone with some real brainpower in the front office to go along with excellent head coach Todd Bowles, – and oh yeah…maybe a real franchise quarterback!

Buffalo Bills

Sign Tyrod Taylor to a long-term deal – and keep Nathan Peterman away from an NFL field – and oh yeah, bring in an offensive mind that will actually open up the offense.

AFC West

Oakland Raiders

Move on from Marshawn Lynch and get Khalil Mack some damned help on the defensive side of the ball!

Denver Broncos

Whatever you do, please just don’t make us watch Brock Osweiler anymore…or Trevor Siemian…or crybaby Paxton Lynch for that matter.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are the ultimate Andy Reid team. Tantalizingly good…yet agonizingly mediocre all at the same time! Your guess is as good as mine, but if Reid doesn’t get it done in the playoffs next season – I say it’s time to move on from one of the best head coaches to never win a Super Bowl.

L.A. Chargers

Swing for the fences on defense in the NFL draft and pray you hit another ‘Joey Bosa-sized’ home run!

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers

Find a backup for Big Ben, another cornerback and please…most importantly, a personality for Mike Tomlin!

Baltimore Ravens

If you’ve got faith in Joe Flacco, then don’t do anything. With that said, Baltimore had better start looking for their future franchise quarterback – like, right now!

Cincinnati Bengals

Don’t do anything – it’s what you’ve been best at for the past 15 years, you stable geniuses!

Cleveland Browns

Draft Penn State’s Saquon Barkley first overall! Then, maybe add some offensive linemen that can actually block! I’m also going to say, keep DeShone Kizer and don’t draft another quarterback that you could ruin!

AFC South

Jacksonville Jaguars

Draft another quarterback – or bring in Eli Manning for the short term. Whatever you do, please don’t sign Blake Bortles to a longterm deal.

Tennessee Titans

Draft some defensive players and a couple of offensive linemen. Oh yeah, and bring in a young offensive mind to expand the playbook beyond for clearly gifted quarterback Marcus Mariota.

Indianapolis Colts

I’m going to say hire Josh McDaniels to help Andrew Luck get back to being elite and get some damned offensive linemen – and oh yeah, maybe add a running back that is younger than 95-year-old Frank Gore!

Houston Texans

Get some offensive linemen – and maybe a capable backup for Deshaun Watson. Whatever you do, please don’t make us watch Tom Savage anymore.

NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles

Add a couple of defensive players and a couple of offensive linemen. Other than that, you’re good to go at quarterback and the skill positions.

Dallas Cowboys

First, get a ‘real’ GM to replace the practically senile Jerry Jones. Then find some competent defensive backs (ha!). Get a young tight end and find a new No. 1 wideout to replace Dez Bryant.

New York Giants

Trade Eli Manning to a contender, it’s the right thing to do. Then, take one of the top quarterbacks in the draft and cross your fingers – and toes – that you hit a home run!

Washington Redskins

Get rid of Jay Gruden, sign Kirk Cousins to a longterm deal (oh well) and find some young, speedy playmakers on both sides of the ball.

NFC West

Los Angeles Rams

Hell, after the season the Rams had this year, Los Angeles doesn’t need to do anything but stay the course. A couple of offseason additions and a smart draft could put L.A. in the driver’s seat for a berth in Super Bowl 53 if this season was any indication.

Seattle Seahawks

Seattle fired their offensive coordinator, but what they really need to do is overhaul their offensive line (again) and address their running back situation (again). Seattle needs some changes to get back into the NFL elite.

Arizona Cardinals

I think the Cardinals need to find a young head coach, (kind of like the Rams did) and a new franchise quarterback. However, I suspect accomplishing both will be difficult and I’m more inclined to believe Arizona will blow it with their coaching hire.

San Francisco 49ers

The Niners need to sign Jimmy G to a long-term deal and add some skill position players to go along with their new franchise quarterback while picking up some more quality defensive players.

NFC North

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings need to figure out if Teddy Bridgewater is the future at quarterback or whether they should stick with Case Keenum. Outside of that, Minnesota needs one or two more explosive skill position players on offense.

Green Bay Packers

The Packers need to fix their defense and offensive line in a hurry while adding a playmaking running back – and oh, a backup quarterback. I swear Brett Hundley almost made me go blind!

Detroit Lions

Go hard on defense in the NFL Draft after hiring New England defensive coordinator Matt Patricia and get some offensive linemen that can actually block someone!

Chicago Bears

Pray that Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy turns out to be better than Andy Reid, get some help at the wide receiver position and some defensive players that can actually stop someone!

NFC South

Carolina Panthers

Make Cam Newton get the ball into Christian McCaffrey’s hands more and find another tight end to succeed the aging Greg Olsen.

New Orleans Saints

Don’t do anything except add some more talent on the defensive side of the ball!

Atlanta Falcons

Start preparing for life without Matt Ryan – and Julio Jones – they’re not going to play forever!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Fire Dirk Koetter (too late) get some competent offensive linemen and someone that can bring out the best in Jameis Winston. Oh yeah, and put out an APB on DeSean Jackson.
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