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Online Betting Guide: Parlays Made Easy

Written by on May 1, 2015

Many online betting gamblers are attracted to the betting lines form of parlay in various types of sports. There are different forms of parlay offered within NFL betting. In any one type of parlay in sports, the bettor is required to place his funds starting from the number 2 and up to 10. There is also the option of betting on higher numbers as well. But you should keep in mind that all games are of the same sporting event, like for instance NFL. If you have chosen a parlay that has 3 teams, then in that scenario you will have consider the results of three different games. For a bettor to become a winner he must predict correctly for all three games.

The Payouts on Parlay

The most attractive element about the betting odds of parlay betting are the payouts that they offer. For example, for a parlay with three teams the payouts are mostly 6 to 1. If the bettor is able to beat every team in the three team parlay, the winner will be getting 1-1.10. This means on winning the parlay the bettor will get $60 for every $11 placed in bets. If you place individually on each of the three teams, you will get only $30 if all three teams win. But at the same time, if you lose one of the 3 betting lines using a parlay, you will be losing all the cash. Las Vegas Parlay Betting   

Problems Faced by Parlay in NFL Betting

Most of the parlay betting lines are considered to be very difficult to win. Many people think that the three team parlay will be an easy job, but mostly it is very complex to understand and handle. The big problem with the parlay is that you win all or nothing.The next parlay problem is in association with the sports bettors. Many of the bettors use parlay as a means to recover their previously lost bets through a quick method of parlay. However, hasty measures can turn bad in such situations.Inclusion of the points spread in the parlay is another big problem. This makes the parlay in football betting a complex and complicated task.  

Parlay on NFL and its Most Popular Bets

Here are some great tips for playing parlay on the next NFL game:• Parlays should be played once you having a winning line• It is not advisable to bet more than 5% of your money on the parlay bets• Make sure you are playing 2 or 3 teams parlay. Larger number of teams becomes too complicated• Avoid playing multi sports parlays• Parlays with winning picking for every game are easy• Place your bets on games with the highest points ( (