Free NFL Betting Picks: All Game-by-Game OVER/UNDER Picks for NFL Week 2

Written by on September 17, 2015

With a good number of surprise NFL betting outcomes at home and on the road in Week 1 of the new NFL season, it’s nearly head-cracking to sift through the hullabaloo of results and predict how teams will play and score against each other in Week 2. Caught up in such a predicament? Worry no more, as we have sifted through all the noise and found the best OVER and UNDER picks for every game in Week 2, headlined by the best picks that are detailed here-below.

Best NFL Week 2 OVER Picks

over-picksDenver at Kansas City, Pick: OVER 41.5

It is common knowledge that father time is affecting Peyton Manning’s efficiency, so expecting him to light up the scoreboard with 4-plus TDs (like he used to do) would be overly ambitious in 2015. It is also common knowledge that Denver’s defense is the real deal, something Joe Flacco and the Ravens can explain to you better after their Week 1 encounter against the Broncos. But even with all that considered, the Chiefs showed enough poise against Houston’s vaunted defense, as Alex Smith and his unit collected 27 points en route to a crucial road win. The Texans, even with the shaky QB play from Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallet, managed to collect 20 points against the Chiefs, despite most of those came late in the game after the game was pretty much done and dusted. If Hoyer and Mallet managed to collect 20 points, Manning (even if he is as washed up as you claim) should surely be able to do the same, if not better this Thursday. And on the same breath, if the Chiefs were able to find ways of opening up the Texans for 27 points (on the road), they should be good for around 20 points—or even more—at home this week against Denver’s tough-but-bendable defense, shouldn’t they? With all that, an OVER 41.5-point total should be ripe for the taking here.

over-picksSeattle at Green Bay, Pick: OVER 49

With Seattle’s star safety Kam Chancellor still holding out, and looking to continue to do so until his financial situation is resolved, it is not likely that we will be seeing a better defensive showing from the Seahawks at the Lambeau field this Sunday. And even if Chancellor’s situation is sorted out on time, the Rams exposed too many holes in Seattle’s defense, something that Green Bay’ abled offense should be able to capitalize on. On the opposite end, the Packers were torched for 23 points by the average Bears offense, including 141 rushing yards from Matt Forte (the second-best rushing yards by a player in Week 1). Going against star RB Marshawn Lynch, dual-threat QB Russell Wilson and the run-oriented Seahawks offense, the challenged Green Bay rushing defense could be in for a lot of trouble. Considering such factors, the game looks very likely to go beyond the 49-point total, as both teams score at least 25 points apiece.

over-picksTennessee at Cleveland, Pick: OVER 41.5

Like in 2014 when they delivered a 26-10 win over the Chiefs in Week 1, the Titans had a blistering start to their 2015 season, thumping the Buccaneers 42-14, as rookie QB Marcus Mariota had a Player-of-the-Week performance with a perfect passer rating in his NFL debut. However, in 2014, the Bucs went on to have a poor season, collecting just one win from the remaining 15 games to finish with a 2-14 record, which tied for the worst mark in the league. Essentially, that’s the reason there is a lot of cautious optimism about Mariota and the Titans, as they prepare for the clash against the Browns. That said, Mariota has not yet had a “bad game” since he started playing for the Titans in the preseason and now in the regular season. If anything, he’s been getting better with every passing game. On that account, we believe he can be trusted to have another good game against the Browns, who have several weaknesses to be exploited in the defense. Conversely, the Browns showed that they are well-capable of putting up points on the board in New York, and given the fact that the Tennessee defense is not as mean as that of the Jets, Johnny Manziel and his teammates should be able to push the visitors and keep the game close, especially with the motivation of playing in the friendly confines of Cleveland. With that, both teams should be able to take the scores beyond the game’s 41.5 total.

over-picksDallas at Philadelphia, Pick: OVER 55

Playing a defense-oriented game has never been the style of play for the Cowboys, and neither has it been Chip Kelly’s cup of tea. Granted, both teams come into this game with very talented pieces on the defensive side of things, which should make things interesting. In the end, though, it is the offensive output from both teams that will probably count most since this game, like most NFC East duels, has the makings of a shootout affair. And with the likes of DeMarco Murray and Sam Bradford on the Eagles’ side, and clutch pocket-passer Tony Romo leading the Dallas onslaught, it will almost be a miracle if this game fails to blow out the 55-point total.

Best NFL Week 2 UNDER Picks

under-picksDetroit at Minnesota, Pick: UNDER 43

On a good week, the combination of Mathew Stafford and Calvin Johnson on one side, and Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson on the other end, should be able to yield a high-scoring affair. Unfortunately, the two offensive tandems looked out of rhythm in Week 1, and with the quick turn-around, it doesn’t look like we will be witnessing a high-scoring thriller from them this Sunday. Plus, even though we could be seeing an upbeat performance from Minnesota’s offense at home, the Lions still have enough defensive weapons to frustrate their hosts in the end zone, raising the likelihood of a tame scoring duel with an UNDER 43-point total.

under-picksSt. Louis at Washington, Pick: UNDER 41

Despite scoring just 10 points against the Dolphins, the Redskins showed a lot of improvements on the defense and could have actually walked away with the win, had their special teams unit played better. The Rams, meanwhile, took advantage of the Chancellor-less Legion of Doom to sneak away with an overtime win over the Seahawks. The win was, however, far from a good showing from Nick Foles and his offense alone, as Aaron Donald and the St. Louis front seven played equally well. Assuming both teams bring with them their defensive mindsets from Week 1, there’s definitely a good chance that both Foles and Washington’s Kirk Cousins will have a hard time scoring, giving bettors the opportunity to cash on an UNDER in a turnover-prone low-scoring duel.


– Houston at Carolina, Pick: OVER 40 – Tampa Bay at New Orleans, Pick: UNDER 47 – San Francisco at Pittsburgh, Pick: OVER 45.5 – New England at Buffalo, Pick: UNDER 45 – Arizona at Chicago, Pick: OVER 46 – San Diego at Cincinnati, Pick: OVER 47 – Atlanta at NY Giants, Pick: UNDER 51.5 – Baltimore at Oakland, Pick: OVER 43 – Miami at Jacksonville, Pick: UNDER 41 – Jets at Colts, Pick: OVER 47
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