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Super Bowl 50 Party Ideas for NFL Betting Fans

Written by on May 1, 2015

Looking for a great NFL Betting Party?

Here are the best recommendations to gather your bettor friends and have a blast this Super Bowl 50. The Super Bowl is a time when the NFL betting lines open up for fans and football lovers. But it is not just about watching the big game on television, it is also about celebrating the event with family members, friends and fellow bettors. There are a number of fans of the Super Bowl who organize amazing parties where people can get together and enjoy the game with each other’s company. But we all know that parties need to be spiced up, and made fun, so that people actually enjoy them rather than getting bored. Here are some ideas that will make your Super Bowl parties great.

Bring in the sportsman

If you have a group of friends and family members who are sporty and athletic, then a pre-Super Bowl game of football can be the best party idea for fans. You can name the teams after your favorites of the season and bet on food items and party snacks for the losing team.


Throughout the Super Bowl season we see people all around us wagering on who is to win and who is to lose. You can make a group of all your regular and friendly wagers and lead to a winner at the end. Come up with innovative bets to spice up this process. Winners get cash and the chance to brag around at the highest level.  

Hard drinks on games

Those who fall sick on game days do not necessarily miss games. It is just a chance to stay away from the office the next day. Drinking games are a great way to make things more exciting at your Super Bowl parties. You can have games like the beer pong or the flippy cup. There are also many other options available for regular drinkers.

Game it up

You can add a little bit of extra gaming competition at the Super Bowl 50 party by playing Nintendo or any other fun-filled and exciting video games before the actual big football game.

Bring in the wives

There is no fun at parties if your better halves are not there. Bring them in by offering them fun games like wing ding. The wife who comes up with the spiciest wings wins bragging rights for the party. Cookie contests and baking competitions can be entertaining too.   buffalo wings wife


Last but definitely not the least, a little bit of Texas Hold’em Poker is what you need to make this a memorable event. You can get any poker game and play during halftime and before or after the game to make it more interesting. Online betting and football betting games are also a good option to add your parties. Sources: NFL: Poker Stars:
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