NFL 2021 Pittsburgh Steelers Betting Options Analysis

NFL 2021 Pittsburgh Steelers Betting Options Analysis

Heading into the 2021-2022 NFL Season, can you think of a more interesting team than the Pittsburgh Steelers? Last season’s AFC North champions are third choice to take the division this season. The Steelers play the toughest schedule in the league, which many NFL analysts believe will lead to a less than stellar 2020. But Mike Tomlin and Ben Roethlisberger are one of the most successful coach and quarterback combos in history. Keep reading for our in depth Pittsburgh Steelers’ future NFL odds analysis.   

2021 NFL Season – Pittsburgh Steelers Options to Bet On

National Football League 2021 Season

  • When: Sep. 9, 2021 – Jan. 9, 2022

Steelers to Win Super Bowl 56  +4000

We’ll start with the big prize, Super Bowl 56. The Steelers are a gargantuan +4000 underdog. At the odds, Pittsburgh shouldn’t even make the playoffs. But even though Pittsburgh plays a ridiculously difficult schedule, so do their AFC North rivals. The Steelers have as much of a shot of winning the Super Bowl as the Baltimore Ravens, which means the 40-to-1 odds make Steel Town an overlay. 

Steelers Super Bowl 56 Odds: Overlay

Steelers AFC Championship +2000

If +4000 to win the Lombardi Trophy are overlay odds, then +2000 to win the AFC are underlay odds, right? Nope. Logically speaking, the Steelers have a better shot of beating the NFC Champion than they do of beating the Kansas City Chiefs or Buffalo Bills, the two favorites to win the AFC. So if Pittsburgh beats the Chiefs and, or Bills on their way to Super Bowl 56, they should handle the team the NFC sends to the Super Bowl no problem. 

Steelers AFC Championship Odds: Underlay

Steelers Worst Regular Season Record +5000

If things implode, the Steelers could finish with the worst record in football. Things would have to implode at a massive level, the defense would have to lose four key starters, Big Ben would have to get hurt before Week 3, Mike Tomlin would lose his coaching touch, etc. 5,000-to-1 are decent odds, though. They’re not overlay or underlay odds. They’re fair odds. 

Steelers Worst Regular Season Record Odds: Fair

Steelers AFC North Division +420

There are only four teams in each NFL division. If we discount the Bengals, the three teams that can win the AFC North are the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, and Baltimore Ravens. If you like the Ravens more than the Steelers, the +420 are underlay odds. Because of Mike Tomlin and Ben Roethlisberger, though, Pittsburgh has a slightly better chance of winning the division than Baltimore. So in our eyes, +420 are overlay odds. 

Steelers AFC North Division Odds: Overlay

Mike Tomlin Coach of the Year +2500

Tomlin is a master coach. He will get the most possible from every player on Pittsburgh’s roster. Because the Steelers boast the most difficult schedule in the NFL, Tomlin has a great shot of winning coach of the year. His chances are better than +2500

Mike Tomlin Coach of the Year Odds: Overlay

Najee Harris Offensive Rookie of the Year +600

Quarterbacks often win this award. Najee Harris will get around 20 carries a game, which makes the +600 fair odds considering 4 to 5 rookie quarterbacks could start in Week 1.  

Najee Harris Offensive Rookie of the Year Odds: Fair 

Pittsburgh Steelers Regular Season Wins

At first glance, 8 ½ games are too many, but now that we’ve studied the Steelers’ schedule, Pittsburgh has a real shot of winning 10 games. Mike Tomlin will ensure the Steelers bring it every game. Also, Big Ben wouldn’t have come back this season if he didn’t believe Pittsburgh could get it done. Over 8 ½ at +100 are overlay odds.

Steelers Regular Season Wins Pick: Over 8 ½ +100

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