JAN 27 - Strategy For Beating 2017 NFL Super Bowl LI Propositions

Strategy For Beating 2017 NFL Super Bowl LI Propositions

Written by on January 28, 2017

If you’re excited about the quickly-approaching Super Bowl 51 matchup between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots and you love making props bets on the big game, then you need to know all about a few simple strategies that I put in play each and every time I’m making a Super Bowl props betting wager.

Strategy For Beating 2017 NFL Super Bowl LI Propositions


Recent Play

The first thing I look at is how a specific player or team has performed recently. Let’s say you’re betting on the player props odds for running back Devonta Freeman and his Super Bowl odds are listed as Over or Under 90 yards.Well, a quick glance at Freeman’s last six games or so will show you how he’s been running the ball lately while giving you a great idea of how he might perform in the Super Bowl.

1-3-5 Method

I also use a more extended look back that I call the ‘1-3-5 method’ for any team or player props odds I’m thinking about betting on. I’ll start with the current season and go back as much as five years if possible in an effort to get a really good read on what to expect out of a particular player or team.

Postseason History

While this method can’t be used on any players without postseason experience, it’s sure a great strategy to use on a guy like Tom Brady or some other perennial or near perennial playoff participant like Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers. If you notice that a particular player has a history for playing big in big games – or not showing up at all – make your wager on that player accordingly.

The Eyeball Test

If you’re planning on making some Super Bowl 51 player props, then the good old eyeball test is always a good strategy to use. I mean, basically, did the player or team you’re planning on making your Super Bowl props wager on look like world-beaters the last time out, or did they either squeak by their opponents or get ‘lucky’ to reach the Super Bowl?Basically, if a team or player looked like they were playing at the top of their game when you last saw them, they’re probably more inclined than not to play the same way the next time they take to the gridiron.

Up, Up and Away!

Last but not least, you need to check out how each team or player that you’re planning on making a props wager on has performed on the road recently, seeing as how the Super Bowl is basically an away game for both teams. If a particular layer or team struggled on the rod, then it doesn’t bode well that they’ll have to both, play away from the comfy confines of home and in front of the bright lights of millions of fans worldwide.
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