Super Bowl 52 Bets You Shouldn't Make

Super Bowl 52 Bets You Shouldn’t Make

Written by on January 26, 2018

In today’s betting bonanza times, you can literally bet on almost anything when it comes to the NFL’s annual championship showdown, better known as the Super Bowl. However, just because you can make all sorts of crazy bets on the annual title tilt doesn’t mean you necessarily should. Just like your momma taught you, too much of even a good thing can be bad for you. With that thought in mind, here are some Super Bowl 52 betting odds that you just shouldn’t look at – unless you don’t mind parting ways with your hard-earned cash that is!

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots Super Bowl 52 Bets You Shouldn’t Make

  • When: Sunday, February 4, 2018, 6:30 PM ET
  • Where: U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN
  • TV: NBC
  • Radio: 94.1 FM (Philadelphia) / 98.5 FM (New England)
  • Live Stream: NFL Game Pass
  • Super Bowl LII Betting Odds: New England Patriots -5 (Over/Under at 48 points)

Special Player Props to Include in your Super Bowl LII Betting Ticket

Team to Commit the First Penalty

Betting on which team to commit the first penalty is an undeniable 50-50 wager that you could never really, truly predict. I personally suspect that whichever team gets the ball first will commit the first penalty, but then again, you just never know. A defensive lineman could jump offsides just as fast as an offensive lineman commits a false start. Save your money on this wager.

Team to Score the Longest Field Goal

Again, this wager could go either way. New England’s Stephen Gostkowski has the longest field goal in Patriots franchise history (62 yards), but Eagles rookie kicker Jake Elliott also owns the record for the longest field goal in franchise history (61 yards). This is a typical 50-50 wager that could go either way people!


If you didn’t know, one of the cross-sports wagers you can make is to bet on the total number of gold medals won by the USA in the 2018 Winter Olympics versus total first-quarter points by the Patriots and Eagles. Gold medals are minus 0.5, but this is a wager I’d avoid!

First accepted penalty

  • False start: 7/2
  • Offside/encroachment/neutral zone: 3/1
  • Holding: 3/1
  • Pass interference: 6/1
  • Delay of game: 15/1
  • Illegal block: 5/1
  • Any other penalty: 3/1
  • No penalty in game: 75/1
I guess you could add this one to your Super Bowl 52 bets if you like, but for me, it’s such a longshot prediction that I’d save my money and use it elsewhere! I mean, really, the first penalty could be any freaking thing.

Who will Tony Dungy predict to win?

  • Philadelphia Eagles: -300
  • New England Patriots: +240
Seriously? I love Tony Dungy, but I can assure you, he probably doesn’t even know who he’s going to pick at this point – or maybe you haven’t seen his flip-flopping ways on television! Tony Dungy's prediction is one of the Super Bowl 52 Bets you shouldn't make.

Will Al or Cris say Pro Football Focus?

  • Yes: -200
  • No: +150
Okay, while Al Michaels is a bit more predictable than the unpredictable Cris Collinsworth, making this wager on whether one or both will say “Pro Football Focus” is absolutely ludicrous – unless you’ve got money to burn!

Eli Manning Appear in Commercial During Broadcast?

  • Yes: -120
  • No: -110
Unless you’ve got some inside information, it’s kind of tough to predict whether Eli Manning will appear in a commercial, but his brother Peyton is an absolute lock!
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