Super Bowl LIII Props, Odds & Picks

Super Bowl LIII Props, Odds & Picks

Written by on January 22, 2019

Whether you love or loathe Donald Trump, you could cash in big by betting on the polarizing president of the United States in conjunction with the quickly approaching Super Bowl LIII showdown between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams.

If you’re an avid ‘coin toss’  Super Bowl betting fanatic and you think you’ve got a great idea of what side of the coin is going to turn up this Super Bowl, then you’re going to have a 50-50 chance of cashing in on the simple, fun-filled Super Bowl staple of a wager.

If you like Gatorade, MVP speeches and crazed fans (well, who doesn’t love a streaking fan?), then you’re in for a real treat. Now, before getting down to business, be sure to check out and download our free NFL Playoffs bracket for this season, exclusively at MyBookie!

*Updated January 24th

Super Bowl LIII Props, Odds & Picks

Coin Toss

  • Heads -105
  • Tails -105

Analysis: For the first 52 Super Bowls the flip has landed on tails 27 times and heads 25 times. The longest streak for either was a five-year run on heads from 2009 to 2013 and a four-year run on tails from 1998-2001 and 2002-2006. Heads was the right pick at Super Bowl 52 a year ago – following three straight ‘tails’ outcomes in the three previous Super Bowls. I’m going with heads again Super Bowl betting faithful simply because I believe it’s ‘due’ to come up.

Super Bowl LII Props Pick: Heads

Will a Non-QB throw a touchdown?

  • Yes +350
  • No -600

Analysis: While Eagles tight end Trey burton tossed a TD pass to quarterback Nick Foles in Super Bowl 52 and former Steelers wide receiver tossed a TD pass to Super Bowl 4 MVP Hines Ward, the likelihood of a non-quarterback throwing a pass, not just a TD pass, is slim to none. It’s not happening two years in a row people!

Super Bowl LII Props Pick: No

Will either team Not Punt during the game?

  • Yes +900
  • No -3500

Analysis: Seriously? There is absolute no way that either the rams or Patriots goes the entire game without punting. it’s going to coast you, but this pick looks like a near-lock.

Super Bowl LII Props Pick: No

Will any QB throw for 400 or more yards in the game?

  • Yes +275
  • No -450

Analysis: Let’s see…Tom Brady set the all-time mark in Super Bowl 51 by passing for 466 yards in the Patriots stunning comeback win over Atlanta two years ago. Last year, Brady set another new record by torching Philadelphia for an insane 505 passing yards, although New England came up short in their quest to repeat.

Kurt Warner was the first quarterback to top the 400-yard passing mark in a Super Bowl when he thre for 41 yards in Super Bowl XXXIV (39). Even though Brady has accomplished the feat twice, I’m going to say that Super Bowl 53 does not produce a 400-yar passing day by either Jared Goff or Brady. This feat is apparently super difficult to accomplish and the Rams shut down Drew Brees and the high-scoring Saints in the NFC Championship.

Super Bowl LII Props Pick: No

Will any touchdown be overturned by replay?

  • Yes +155
  • No -220

Analysis: Clearly the ‘No’ pick here is the way to go, but I’m going to say, be careful, seeing as how NFL referees can apparently blow calls like never before – or maybe you missed the NFC Championship game and one of the worst missed calls in recent NFL history.

Super Bowl LII Props Pick: No

Will any player be ejected for throwing a punch or fighting?

  • Yes +700
  • No -1600

Analysis: Nope…not gonna’ happen. Even the most uncontrollabe personalities don;t want to get kicked out of the biggest game in their respective careers.

Super Bowl LII Props Pick: No

Will both teams combined score 76 or more points to break the Super Bowl record?

  • Yes +325
  • No -550

Analysis: I don’t see a shootout waiting to happen in Super Bowl 53. L.A. has looked rock-solid on defense in their two playoff wins over the Cowboys and Saints, although it should be noted that the Patriots have scored 37 points or more in each of their last three games dating back to their regular season finale.

Super Bowl LII Props Pick: No

Will either kicker hit the upright or crossbar on a missed field goal or extra point attempt?

  • Yes +375
  • No -605

Analysis: In a season full of wild kicks, missed field goals and missed extra points…I say why the hell not? I’m feeling a ‘doink’ coming in Super Bowl 53.

Super Bowl LII Props Pick: Yes

Total Donald Trump Tweets on February 3

  • Over 6 -120
  • Under 6 -120

Analysis: Look, just this past weekend, the POTUS tweeted an insane 40 times on the government shutdown that he caused but now blames on democrats. Donald Trump loves being in the spotlight and what better way to keep the nation’s attention than by issuing a series of almost assuredly strange tweets during Super Bowl 53? I have absolutely no doubt that Trump is going to top the six-tweet total here despite staying under the five-tweet total at Super Bowl 52 a year ago! …and who would have ever thought those two words (tweet total) would be used together?

Super Bowl LII Props Pick: Over Six Tweets

Will Donald Trump attend the game?

  • Yes +450
  • No -850

Analysis: Are you crazy? There is absolutely no way that Donald trump attends Super Bowl LIII in hugely urban Atlanta. The large contingent of minority residents in and around Atlanta would embarrass the prez with some an unmerciful – and almost never-ending serenade of boos and catcalls. Bet the farm on the ‘No’ selection here NFL betting buffs.

Super Bowl LII Props Pick: No

What color will the liquid be that is poured on the game-winning coach?

  • Lime/green/yellow +225
  • Orange +300
  • Blue +375
  • Red +400
  • Clear/water +400
  • Purple +1000

Analysis: A year ago, Philly’s Doug Pederson was drenched in yellow Gatorade while New England’s Bill Belichick has been spared a shower after wins in Super Bowl 36, 38 and 51. Here is a look at the last 10 Gatorade Shower Results.

Game – Color – Winning Team

  • Super Bowl 43 – Yellow – Pittsburgh Steeler
  • Super Bowl 44 – Orange – New Orleans Saints
  • Super Bowl 45 – Orange – Green Bay Packers
  • Super Bowl 46 – Purple – New York Giants
  • Super Bowl 47 – None – Baltimore Ravens
  • Super Bowl 48 – Orange – Seattle Seahawks
  • Super Bowl 49 – Blue – New England Patriots
  • Super Bowl 50 – Orange – Denver Broncos
  • Super Bowl 51 – None – New England Patriots
  • Super Bowl 52 – Yellow – Philadelphia Eagles

Super Bowl LII Props Pick: I’m going with Purple since that color has only been used once in the last 10 years and is clearly overdue for an encore appearance.

Who will the Super Bowl MVP mention first in his speech?

  • Teammates +175
  • God +190
  • Family or Family Member +500
  • Owner +550
  • City +1000
  • Coach +1100
  • Does not mention any of the above +400

Analysis: Last year, Philly’s Nick Foles said, “Unbelievable. All glory to God.” I’m going with God again. All of today’s players have been schooled on what to say in front of live TV cameras…well…for the most part!

Super Bowl LII Props Pick: God

Will a fan run onto the field during the game?

  • Yes +800
  • No -2500

Analysis: Nope, not gonna’ happen. No one wants to be the fool that runs across the field and gets both, booted out of Super Bowl 53 and likely get banned from successive Super Bowls as well.

Super Bowl LII Props Pick: No

Will the Chick-Fil-A franchise in Mercedes-Benz Stadium be open on Super Bowl Sunday?

  • Yes +575
  • No -1100

Analysis: A recent report says that Chick-Fil-A will stick to its Christian principles of not being open on Sundays. The fast-food chain says its restaurant inside Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, where Super Bowl 53 is being held, will not be open for the big game on February 3rd. If you can still get this wager…do it now!

Super Bowl LII Props Pick: No

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