Super Bowl LV Coin Toss Props Expert Analysis

Super Bowl LV Coin Toss Props Expert Analysis

Written by on February 3, 2021

If you love making NFL Super Bowl props bets that could help you cash in big on the final game of the season, then you’re going to love the value-packed Super Bowl coin toss predictions that you’re about to get. Let’s get right to it so you can make your bets against our Super Bowl Coin Toss Props.

NFL Super Bowl Coin Toss Betting Odds

Before I get to my trio of predictions on this year’s Super Bowl coin toss, let’s look back at some coin toss history.

Super Bowl Coin Toss Results

  • Heads: 25 times (47%)
  • Tails: 29 times (53%)
  • Heads longest streak: 5
  • Tails longest streak: 4 (three times)
  • Most coin toss wins: Cowboys (6); 49ers (5); Dolphins (4); Raiders (3); Patriots (3); Seahawks (3)

Now, let’s look at some coin toss trends.

Coin Toss Trends

Here are a handful of trends we’ve unearthed from the Super Bowl coin toss results:

  • Tails has been the pick in six of the last seven Super Bowls
  • The team who won the coin toss has lost the Super Bowl in each of the last six years.
  • The winning coin toss team is just 24-30 all-time
  • Kansas City is 0-2 in Super Bowl coin tosses. Tampa Bay is 1-0.
  • Dallas holds the record for most Super Bowl coin toss wins with five
  • Heads is 9-7 in Super Bowls held in Florida and 3-1 in Tampa Bay’s Raymond James Stadium.
  • Tails is 20-15 in Super Bowls held outdoors.

Result of Super Bowl LV Coin Toss

Tails has been the outcome in each of the last two Super Bowls and five of six overall with heads being the pick in Super Bowl 52. Simply put, the heads outcome is due to come up this year.

Pick: Heads

Last 10 Super Bowl Coin Toss Results

LIV Kansas City vs San Francisco Tails San Francisco Kansas City
LIII New England vs LA Rams Heads LA Rams New England
LII New England vs Philadelphia Heads New England Philadelphia
LI Atlanta vs New England Tails Atlanta New England
L Carolina vs Denver Tails Carolina Denver
XLIX Seattle vs New England Tails Seattle New England
XLVIII Seattle vs Denver Tails Seattle Seattle
XLVII Baltimore vs San Francisco Heads Baltimore Baltimore
XLVI New England vs NY Giants Heads New England NY Giants
XLV Green Bay vs Pittsburgh Heads Green Bay Green Bay

Will the team that calls the coin toss be correct

In the NFL, the road team calls the coin toss and in Super Bowl 55 that’s Kansas City. The team that called the coin toss has been incorrect in each of the last two Super Bowls – following a whopping string of 50 straight correct Super Bowl coin toss calls. AFC teams have won the coin toss 31 percent of the time while NFC teams have won the coin toss 68 percent of the time. I like the Chiefs to get the coin toss call correct.

Pick: Yes

Will the team that wins the coin toss win the Game

The last team to win the coin toss and hoist the Lombardi Trophy was Seattle in Super Bowl 48. Baltimore pulled off the feat one year prior while Green Bay and New Orleans got the coin toss and Super Bowl win in Super Bowls 45 and 44 respectively. Six straight coin toss winners have lost the Super Bowl, so I’m going with the ‘Yes’ selection here, simply because ‘it’s due’. The winner of the Super Bowl has won the coin toss 24 times with Heads coming up 12 times. Heads has come up 25 times overall and Tails 29 times.  I’m going with the Chiefs to win the coin toss. Kansas City defers possessions and goes on to win Super Bowl 55.

Pick: Yes

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