Super Bowl LV Halftime Props Expert Analysis

Super Bowl LV Halftime Props Expert Analysis

Written by on February 4, 2021

One of the most divisive parts of the Super Bowl, outside of the actual game itself, is the half-time show. There are some who love the spectacle and the musical artists on display, while others believe that it goes on too long and kills the momentum of the game. Whichever side you fall on, you have to know that Super Bowl half-time can be a positive experience, as you have the opportunity to pocket some extra money with a collection of different prop bets. Whether you like the musical act or not, you can feel good about things if you can pick some winners. Let’s break down some of the Super Bowl Halftime Props right now.

Super Bowl Halftime Betting Analysis

First Song Played

In case you weren’t already aware, it will be The Weeknd performing at the Super Bowl on Sunday. The first wager available has to do with the song that he will open with. Musical artists tend to do a medley of their biggest hits, so does that mean that Blinding Lights (+225) will be the first song he performs? It is certainly up there with the favorites, but the bookies have other ideas as to which song might be the first one heard at half-time. The favorite right now is Save Your Tears (+125), closely followed by Starboy (+150). Given the occasion, I might be willing to take a shot at Blinding Lights at a decent price.

Will Things Get Political?

With such a big audience tuning in, artists often use this platform to get a political message across to the viewing public. Will the Weeknd follow suit and mention a politician? There are three different options to choose from here. The first up is any mention of Donald Trump, with YES paying +700 and NO paying -2500. Joe Biden is also in the mention mix, with the YES to a mention paying +700 and the NO paying -1800. The Weeknd is from Toronto, Canada, so maybe he will mention Canada PM Justin Trudeau (YES +1200 and NO at -6000).

Clothing Wagers

One of the things that we routinely see during the half-time shoe are elaborate sets complete with costume changes. This is usually a given, but maybe you think that The Weeknd will stick with the outfit he wears from the off. If you don’t think he will change, you can wager on that at odds of +185. He is favored to do so, though, at odds of -280. If you really want to get into the specifics, you can wager on whether or not he will wear a Canadian Tuxedo, which is matching jeans and jean jacket. The YES for that one is at +350, while the NO is at -600.

Other Wagers

In the time of a pandemic, it is no surprise that you can wager on whether or not The Weeknd will test positive for COVID-19 before the show. The YES is a longshot at +1200, while the NO is at -6000.

Finally, you can wager on potential guests that might make an appearance. Kendrick Lamar is the favorite here at +175, but there are several other options available, too.

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