SuperBowl 52

The Most Fun Prop Wagers During the 2018 SB – Eagles vs Patriots

Written by on January 30, 2018

Sunday can’t come soon enough as the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles will square off in Super Bowl LII. While the game is the main focus of the day, the oddsmakers at have come up with almost 1000 prop bets for us to wager on. For normal wagering purposes, the Patriots are 4.5 point favorites on the spread and -190 on the moneyline. The Eagles are +160 on the other side and the over under is set at 48 points. Below are just a few of the most interesting prop bets for Super Bowl 52 on   How long will it take Pink to sing the National Anthem? Over 2 Minutes and 1.5 seconds: (-130) Under 2 Minutes and 1.5 seconds: (+100)   What color will Pink’s hair be when she starts to sing the National Anthem? White/Blonde: -150 Pink/Red: +170 Blue/Purple: +400 Brown/Black: +580 Green: +250   Will Pink be airborne at any point during her singing of the National Anthem? Yes: +220 No: -350   Expert Tip: Pink is an Eagles fan if that helps you at all   How many times will Gisele Bündchen be shown on TV? Over 1.5: +130 Under 1.5: -170   How many times will President Donald Trump tweet on Feb. 4? Over 5: -140 Under 5: +100   Expert Tip: Donald Trump likes to tweet   What color of Gatorade will be poured on the winning coach? Lime/Green/Yellow: +180 Orange: +200 Red: +250 Clear/Water: +330 Blue: +580 Purple: +800   Expert tip: The Patriots dumped blue Gatorade on Bill Belichick in 2015   Will anyone but Tom Brady or Nick Foles take a snap? Yes: +110 No: -150   Expert Tip: Expect these teams to have at least one trick play up their sleeve   Total Tom Brady Passing Yards Over/Under 285.5 Over: -130 Under: +100   Total Nick Foles Passing Yards Over/Under 250.5 Over: -115 Under: -115   Who will the Super Bowl MVP mention first in his speech? Teammates: +150 God: +330 City: +400 Coach: +580 Owner: +800 Family: +1300 None of the above: +160   Which number will be higher? Patriots Points Scored: -110 Kyrie Irving Points + Assists: -120 Expert Tip: Kyrie gets to face below average Damian Lillard defense Best of luck on whatever prop bets you choose to wager on during the Super Bowl. Didn’t find a prop you liked? Check out the near one-thousand other bets available on MyBookie
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