JAN 12 - NFL Tips For Betting On Teams With Rookie Quarterbacks

NFL Tips For Betting On Teams With Rookie Quarterbacks

Written by on January 12, 2017

If you’re a football betting enthusiasts that wants some helpful betting advice for teams that start rookie quarterbacks, then you’re going to enjoy the seven expert betting tips that you’re about to get.With the divisional round of the NFL playoffs set to get underway in just over 72 hours, let’s get started.

NFL Tips For Betting On Teams With Rookie Quarterbacks


Rhodes Scholarly or G.E.D. Bound?

Is the rookie quarterback that is leading the team you’re either betting on or against a scholarly kind of young signal-caller that is known for studying film for hours on end or is he more of a G.E.D kind of guy that is more fond of late nights and ladies?If the tem you’re betting on or against has a rookie signal-caller that takes their craft seriously, then that team has a much better chance of winning than a team with an overconfident first-year quarterback that relies solely on his talent while foolishly believing the game will come as easily to him as it did in high school or college.

Poise in the Pocket?

Is the rookie quarterback you’re planning on betting on or against as poised as a 10-year veteran like Dak Prescott or is he as skittish as, let’s say Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles?Poise in the pocket – or the lack thereof – is an easy way to recognize a gifted rookie quarterback from an average one or one that is going to take more time to nurture.

Offensive Line

Does the rookie quarterback you’re betting on or against have an elite offensive line like Dak Prescott has with the Dallas Cowboys or is he running for his life far too often like Philadelphia’s talented Carson Wentz? A talented offensive line can make all the difference between a successful rookie quarterback and a struggling one.


If the team that the rookie quarterback is suiting up for has an elite defense, then that team can take fewer chances with the ball than a team with  lesser defense that has to put points on the board in order to win games. Make sure you know all about the defense for the team that the rookie quarterback is suiting up for because it could make a huge difference in how you wager.

Rushing Attack

There may be no better aid to a rookie quarterback’s success than a powerful rushing attack. A strong ground game will relieve a ton of pressure off of a rookie signal-caller and allows him to be even more successful through the air thanks to the added dimension of play-action passes that an elite rushing attack provides. If the rookie quarterback you’re betting on has a strong rushing attack behind him, then he’s likely going to be a lot more successful than a first-year quarterback that is forced to throw far more often than his coach would prefer.

Prolific Pass-Catchers?

Does the rookie quarterback that you’re planning on wagering on or against have elite wide receivers or not? A first-year quarterback that has one or two elite wide receivers will be in much better shape to succeed early on than  rookie that has to throw pinpoint passes to mediocre receivers that may or may not catch the ball anyway. Case in point, Philadelphia’s Carson Wentz threw the ball all season long to a bunch of wide receivers that would likely never be starters on another team while Dallas’ Dak Prescott got to throw the ball to Dez Bryant and the super sure-handed Cole Beasley. A rookie quarterback that has dependable wide receivers is undoubtedly going to be more successful than a first-year signal-caller throwing the ball to an equally inexperienced group of wide receivers.

Safety Valve?

Does the rookie quarterback you’re betting on or against have a sure-handed tight end or one or two competent pass-catching running backs? A great safety valve pass-catcher can often be a rookie quarterback’s best friend when all hell is breaking loose and his downfield receivers are covered. Throwing the ball to a veteran tight end like Jason Witten or pass-catching running back like Philly’s Darren Sproles can both, boost a rookie quarterback’s confidence with some simple completions while helping to extend drives.
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