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NFL Online Betting: Top 10 Franchise Failures of All Time

Written by on May 1, 2015

Betting lines don’t just work for football, but basketball too. Lebron James moved out and the Cavs seem to be the worst team so far at the halfway mark. Losing 13 games, the only  wins were in the previous 6 weeks. It has been predicted that there will be more losses on the court for a few years ahead. This caused way different betting odds.Given this fact, the public began to analyze how the departure of an athlete could bring such a blunder to a team. With the fortune of a franchise, this idea can either be a success or a heart-breaking decision. And how the situation can actually affect how people place NFL online betting. And to give you the list, here are the top 10 franchise failures of all time:

Montreal Expos in 1995

It was a huge mess for Montreal because the team did not reach the total wins they got in the previous year. The transfer of Ken Hill to St. Louis Cardinals a day before the game; had affected the team’s performance really big. 

Philadelphia Flyers

The defense got had a big problem because the Flyers were either inexperienced or too tired to play the game. He They regularly made faults mistake sand allowing allowed the opponent to score more goals.

L.A Lakers in 2004

Malone retired and Payton was transferred to Celtics. Moreover, Rudy Tomjanovich, coach, retired due to declining health conditions. This made the team sink down to the bottom by the end of the season and for the first time, they did not enter playoffs. Really sad, especially for those who put betting lines.

Oakland A’s in 1993

McGwire’s foot injury, the Toronto transfer for Henderson, while Baines was shipped to Baltimore. These issues couldn’t get any were a worse worst-case scenario.

Houston Oilers in 1994

The Houston Oilers had a poor record history after the previous coach was replaced, they ended up with the in 3rd pick of the NFL draft.

San Antonio Spurs in 1996

Robinson and Sean Elliot got sustained injuries and forces which forced them to stay out of the game. This, however, had led to a total disaster for the team before paving their way to stardom again.San Antonio Spurs in 1996

Oakland Raiders in 2003

The losing Losing the game in super SuperBowl completely turned the team upside down. With an injury that affected Gannon, plus another controversial cut off for Callahan after his silly comments in public.

Denver Broncos in 1999

The retirement of Elway affected the team’s performance. He was a legend and replacing him would mean a lot of hard work. Griese finally put his helmet on but getting the Broncos were a total loss.

Florida Marlins in 1998

In MLB history, the Florida Marlins recorded established itself as the worst team by losing a hundred games after becoming a champion in the World Series.

Chicago Bulls in 1999

Tony Kukok, the top scorer on the team definitely gives off his charm when he left Chicago Bulls. A steep level of decline was shown right after the incident and the Bulls lost a few matches to their opponents.Sources:Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tennessee_TitansMLB: http://miami.marlins.mlb.com/index.jsp?c_id=mia