Top 7 Crazy Super Bowl 51 Prop Bets

Top 7 Crazy Super Bowl 51 Prop Bets

Written by on February 1, 2017

You shouldn’t really be asking what you can bet on at the Super Bowl – really, what can’t you? Sportsbooks are outdoing themselves every year with some exotic props. There are pretty low limits on them but they still make the game all that much more entertaining. Here are some of the most unusual Super Bowl LI props for the game.

Top 7 Crazy Super Bowl 51 Prop Bets

Will A Fire Alarm Be Triggered At Either’s Team’s Hotel The Night Before?

No -250 and yes +190. You would have to think there’s no chance of this happening with all the security surrounding the teams. But before the AFC Championship Game, a Patriots fan pulled the fire alarm early Sunday morning at the hotel where the Pittsburgh Steelers were staying. Massachusetts State Police arrested Dennis Harrison, 25, after responding to an alarm at the Logan Airport Hilton in Boston about 3:40 am the morning of the game. According to the arrest report, Harrison stated “I’m drunk, I’m stupid, I’m a Pats fan.” He also told investigators he was “dared” by friends to pull the fire alarm and that he accepted the dare.

Will Johnny Manziel Be Arrested Over Super Bowl 51 Weekend?

No is -1500 and yes +600 for the former Cleveland Browns quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner from Texas A&M. You know he will be partying in the city because he’s from Texas. A couple of weeks ago, Manziel said he has been sober for a while – that has been disputed since — and is working his way back to the NFL. Manziel reached an agreement last month with the Dallas County district attorney’s office to have domestic violence charges dropped if he meets certain conditions throughout the year. He was accused of hitting and threatening his former girlfriend during a night out last January.

Will A Fan Be Caught Streaking On The Field At Super Bowl LI?

No is -4000 and yes +1000. I have nothing to say about this. I’m sure someone will be drunk enough to try, but good luck getting through security.

Will James Harden Appear In A Commercial During Game?

Yes is -190 and no +150. Harden, the Houston Rockets’ star and MVP favorite, is the face of Adidas so it’s likely that the shoe company will shell out the $5 million or so for a 30-second spot.

Will Matty Ice Be Said During Game?

Yes is -250 and No is +185. Of course Matty Ice is the nickname of Falcons QB Matt Ryan, and if he does anything clutch then you know the Fox TV guys will say his nickname. Those who know Ryan best say the nickname took hold in 2000, during his sophomore season at Penn Charter School in Philadelphia. “He was always a cool customer,” high school teammate Tony McDevitt said recently, as Ryan prepared to face the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI. "He exuded confidence in the huddle, even though he was younger and he didn’t have a lot of experience. People started saying he had ice in his veins, and Matty Ice just sort of stuck.”

Number Of Times Gisele Bundchen Is Shown?

The over/under is 1.5, with the under a -200 favorite. I assure you that the Fox TV executives would love to show the supermodel as often as possible, and she’s more famous worldwide than Tom Brady is. But Gisele is likely to stay out of the spotlight in deference to her husband Brady – unless he wins.

Number Of Times Deflategate Is Said?

The over/under is 2.5, with the under a -450 favorite. Of course Brady was suspended the first four games of the season for his role in Deflategate. Thus it could make a very unusual trophy handoff from Commissioner Roger Goodell to Brady if the Pats win. Patriots owner Robert Kraft believes Deflategate, which started two years ago, “galvanized” the Patriots and brought them closer together. Two weeks after the accusations became public in 2015, Kraft held an unscheduled news conference in which he demanded an apology from the league if Brady and Patriots coach Bill Belichick were cleared after the investigation. The NFL can’t tell the Fox guys what to say on the air, but they won’t want to risk making the relationship with the league worse. Under seems the smart bet here.