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NFL Sports Betting: Understanding the Moneyline

Written by on May 1, 2015

NFL Sports betting comes in various forms, and the money line is just one of the exciting elements. The sports handicapping world would love the idea of betting on point spreads. When it comes to the NFL lines, the money line is also favored to have the most winning chances. The online betting on the money line helps you to make betting easier just by predicting which team will win.

The Basics of the Moneyline

Money line has been one of the most popular choices for online betting. The easiness and practicality are what make it favorable compared to other types of betting. Understanding the basics of betting odds and moneyline is necessary before you enter the betting world. Utilizing the method enables you to have an advantage for sure.Moneyline betting is about picking a team you think will win and that’s it. No need for a point spread, and the game result is the determining element. There should be no vig, although the system is modified for commission earning in sportsbooks.

When Using Money line

There is a number of sports that use moneyline betting including the NFL, hockey or automotive racing. They use money line because the point spread is no longer irrelevant like in tennis or boxing. It would be hard to determine the point spread on every game. The favorite team is listed in negative whereas the underdog is positive.

The Vig

Vig is a commission for the bookies. But a money line type of bet makes it difficult to see the commission because they charge more on the favorite team. It works like overcharging and underpaying systems for the bettors.

 Money line Benefits

Moneyline betting gives potential advantages to the bettors. It does not matter how much your favorite team scores, if they win, you will be paid. Money line betting needs you to risk more, but noticing the best money line betting places should help to eliminate your upsets.Taking a greater risk, you can bet on the underdog if you wish. Hit with the moneyline and you will get a decent pay off after watching the game. The tougher it gets, the higher your payoffs.images

Things to Note

Moneyline is the right betting option for various sports. But always remember that the NFL or NBA may be suitable for points betting instead of money line because the odds give bigger winning chance. However, it depends on how you are able to ‘foresee’ the teams and analyze their performances before placing your bet on the line.Sources:NFL.com (http://www.nfl.com)NBA.com (http://www.nba.com)
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