NFL Preseason Week 3 Bet-On And Bet-Against Teams

NFL Preseason Week 3 Betting Guide

Written by on August 22, 2016

If you haven’t been paying much attention to the NFL preseason, now may be the time to start. Week 3 is when we usually get an extended look at the starters for each team, and when we will most certainly be saying goodbye to a lot of the fringe players who played in the opening two weeks. We are still not going to get a real representation of what to expect from the coming season, as every team will still be running offensive and defensive schemes that are of the vanilla variety. All of this makes predicting the preseason very tough, but let’s see if we can’t pick some winners and losers for Week 3 of the NFL preseason.

Analyzing The NFL Preseason Week 3 Bet-On And Bet-Against Teams


Week 3 Teams to Bet On

It’s not often that I bet against the Seattle Seahawks at home, but they are going up against a Dallas Cowboys team that may very well have found its next franchise QB. We all try not to get too carried away with preseason performances, but what Dak Prescott has delivered in his first two games is nothing short of spectacular. So much so that people are now talking about a potential QB controversy in Big D. I’m taking the Cowboys to win this one on the road.The word is that Colin Kaepernick will finally get some playing time against the Green Bay Packers in Week 3, and that could be bad news for the 49ers. He is going to have to shake off the rust, and that could well lead to mistakes being made that the Cheeseheads capitalize on. The Packers are a perfect 2-0 in the preseason, and all without really showcasing their starters. This should be a game that they win quite handily.

Week 3 Teams to Bet Against

The Oakland Raiders are one of the teams that everyone is going to be watching this season, as there is a definite sense that something big is about to happen there. They started out their preseason with a comfortable win versus the Cardinals, followed by a loss to the Packers on the road. We will have a better idea of what they are all about by the end of their Week 3 game against the Tennessee Titans. This will be the first home game for the Raiders in preseason, so look for them to impress.You have to feel a certain level of sympathy for the San Diego Chargers players, as they are playing with a shadow over their heads that no other team has. They struggled last year as rumors swirled about the franchise being moved, and they will have to do the same again this year. They have gone 1-1 in the preseason so far, but look to be up against it in Week 3 with a trip to Minnesota to face the Vikings, who are 2-0 in preseason, and who have only given up 27 points in those 2 games. This should be a loss for the Chargers.