NHL Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – July 28th Edition

NHL Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – July 28th Edition

Written by on July 28, 2020

On August 1, the National Hockey League gets back onto the ice. Although the Boston Bruins, Tampa Bay Lightning, Colorado Avalanche, and Vegas Golden Knights continue to show favoritism, a few middle of the road teams have witnessed massive hits to their odds in the past couple of weeks. Check an update of why those teams are getting love as well as other info about the NHL’s return to play, along with their current NHL odds. 

NHL Coronavirus (COVID-19) NHL Update – July 28th Edition 

NHL 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs

  • When: September 22 – October 4
  • Where: TBD

NHL Stanley Cup Odds

  • Boston Bruins +600
  • Tampa Bay Lightning +550
  • Colorado Avalanche +700
  • Vegas Golden Knights +700
  • St. Louis Blues +1000
  • Philadelphia Flyers +900
  • Washington Capitals +1200
  • Pittsburgh Penguins +1200
  • Dallas Stars +1400
  • Toronto Maple Leafs +1800
  • Edmonton Oilers +2200
  • Nashville Predators +3000
  • Vancouver Canucks +3500
  • Calgary Flames +4500
  • Carolina Hurricanes +4500
  • New York Islanders +5000
  • Winnipeg Jets +5000
  • Arizona Coyotes +4500
  • Minnesota Wild +5000
  • New York Rangers +3300
  • Florida Panthers +5500
  • Columbus Blue Jackets +5500
  • Chicago Blackhawks +2500
  • Montreal Canadiens +5000

NHL, NBA hub concept might be the way to go

In our NFL update for the week, we discussed how the National Football League wanted to wait and see what will happen with the other leagues.

Major League Baseball decided on a region concept. Teams battled each other in their specific region, NL West squads take on AL West, AL Central versus NL Central teams, etc. 

Some Miami Marlins players and personnel tested positive for the coronavirus, though. That’s called Major League Baseball’s concept into question.

The NBA, so far, has had no positive tests in their single bubble concept. The NHL has a couple of bubbles going, Toronto and Edmonton.

If the NHL is successful with their 2-city bubble concept, expect the NFL to possibly employ some form of it for their upcoming season. 

That’s why the National Hockey League’s return to play is important. It could give the National Football League a road map.

Maple Leafs, Blackhawks odds dive to close to favorite territory

Suddenly, hockey handicappers are bullish on the Toronto Maple Leafs and Chicago Blackhawks. First, let’s talk about the Leafs

One of the hub teams, Toronto’s odds fell from +2500 just a couple of weeks ago to +1800. That’s a big backward jump. 

It makes sense that being a hub team should affect the odds. But a +700 difference? The real reason for the odds change may have to do with Toronto’s style of play.

The Maple Leafs average 3.4 goals per. Offensive teams should have success in both bubbles. Defenses always adjust to offense. Think of any sport and that’s the way it is. 

We’re talking 6 players counting the goalie. A team that averages as many goals as the Leafs do should have an advantage over most of their opponents. That fact they mustn’t travel also helps the cause.

Chicago’s odds went from a massive +6600 to +2500. It’s difficult to know why the Blackhawks’ odds have fallen so dramatically. Some NHL analysts did peg Chicago as their longshot to win the Stanley Cup.

Or, it could be because goalie Corey Crawford had hit his stride before the shutdown. Whatever the reason, the Blackhawks are, without a doubt, the +2000 or higher team to watch to win the Cup during the restart.

NHL returns this weekend

The NHL’s return to play happens on August 1 and August 2. Unlike MLB, the National Hockey League may have the right solution to keep positive cases at a minimum or even zero.

Check out Stanley Cup odds on MyBookie. Also, consider a few cross-sports parlays this weekend. 

The NBA tips things off on Thursday, July 30 while the MLB is in their second week of play.

Have a great week!

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