NHL Playoffs Betting Preview: Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

Written by on April 14, 2015

Things are about to get exciting in the online betting world. With the NHL playoffs kicking off tomorrow, there’s a lot of anticipation in the air. Will the Rangers be able to take their momentum into the playoffs and take down the Penguins with ease, unlike they did last year in their vicious comeback? Will we see the Blackhawks return to the finals with the odds against them? Only time will tell. We certainly have some interesting matchups here in the first round, so let’s take a look at them!

Eastern Conference

In the east we have some interesting matchups. Let’s take a look at them one by one and break them down.


Canadiens vs Senators

This series is a huge toss-up. Despite the seeding discrepancy, these teams are very equally matched. As of right now for the first game Vegas has the odds at -128 for the Canadiens, which is a slight advantage. The Canadiens also have 9/1 odds to win the Stanley Cup right now, making them one of the top picks in the Eastern Conference. It will be interesting to see Hammond and Price face up against each other in the first game in what should be a relatively low-scoring game.

lightning-red-wingsLightning vs Red Wings

This series introduces a more one-sided match. Despite the Red Wings always being around in the playoffs, they’re just not very strong this year. Pavel Datsyuk has been doing all he can, but it certainly hasn’t been enough. Many experts are saying that Tampa Bay is going to decimate Detroit, and Vegas seems to think so to, by placing the line at -152 for Tampa Bay as of right now.

rangers-penguinsRangers vs Penguins

The Rangers come into the playoffs on a huge hot streak, and show no signs of stopping. Although they had a very difficult round against the Penguins last year, when they battled back from a major 3-1 deficit to advance, this year it doesn’t seem like it will be such a close series. Some analysts are calling for the Rangers to sweep Pittsburgh, but we’ll have to see. Right now New York is the favorite to win the Stanley Cup at 6/1 odds.

capitals-islandersCapitals vs Islanders

This will certainly be an interesting series. Both teams have a lot to fight for, as many people seem to be underestimating them coming into the tournament. Both teams did not make the tournament at all last year, and are certainly looking to make a splash. They’re very capable of an upset, but we’ll have to see what they can do. Right now Vegas lists Washington as a -144 favorite.

Western Conference


blues-wildBlues vs Wild

Minnesota and St.Louis both come in red-hot. Despite Minnesota’s recent success, St. Louis is still the favorite in the series, and have a much better record, as they finished on top of the Western Conference with Anaheim. Will Minnesota be able to continue their hot streak and surge past St. Louis like they did when they came in last year as a wild car and beat Colorado? We’ll have to see. Stay tuned, this series could see seven intense games.

predators-blackhawksPredators vs Blackhawks

The Blackhawks are a slight favorite in this series, but don’t count out the Predators. Both teams are coming into this series on a very cold streak. Chicago has lost their last six games, and Nashville has been defeated in their last six games. Both teams are going to have to end the streak when they play on April 15th. Chicago is one of the favorites to advance to the Stanley Cup, but Nashville will be their first big test.

ducks-jetsDucks vs Jets

Despite the Ducks being atop the Western Conference (tied with the Blues), they really aren’t that heavily favored against the Jets. The odds as of right now are -160 for the series, and the Ducks have 8/1 odds to win the Stanley Cup. Winnipeg has been hot of late, and perhaps that accounts for their +140 odds. In their last 15 games they’ve gone 10-3-2, showing they can perform in the clutch. This series might be tighter than people think.

canucks-flamesCanucks vs Flames

This series was tied during the season at 2-2, so expect it to be a tight one. Ryan Miller certainly wants to prove he can be an elite goalie after his stint in St. Louis, but he’s coming off an injury so he may not play in the first game. Jonas Hiller was also let go by his team in the past. Both goalies have a lot to prove, and they certainly want to advance. Watch for the Sedin twins to battle with Kris Russell in this series.All in all, this will most definitely be an exciting first round. Many of the matchups are very even, as you can see, and you can expect a lot of game seven’s! As we saw last year, watch for some crazy upsets too! You never know who might go down when the pressure is on.