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NHL Betting: Rumors Around The League

Written by on August 20, 2015

This past Monday, the National Hockey League has reportedly reached a uniform deal with Adidas. This gives the company the exclusive right to make the jerseys that all 30 NHL teams and NHL betting fans would wear. This makes it less likely that corporate sponsors will be putting their logos on jerseys anytime soon.
Washington Capitals forward Brooks Laich not only is well on his way to a solid NHL career, but he has also made a splash on the society pages, getting engaged to gorgeous actress Julianne Hough.
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A player with a lot less romance on the mind continues to be Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane. Kane is currently under investigation for a sexual assault alleged to have taken place at his home in suburban Buffalo. Retired police officer Thomas English was working as Kane’s chauffeur on the evening of August 2, when the alleged incident took place. English was in the group that also included the alleged victim at Kane, and English drove Kane, one of Kane’s male friends and two women to Kane’s home, before going home themselves.
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English obviously did not see what happened after he left, but he reported that he saw nothing inappropriate at the bar or in the car. He reported that everyone mutually agreed to go to Kane’s house. English has also disputed accounts indicating that the alleged victim only went along because she did not want her friend there by herself. English reported that the alleged victim actually talked her friend into going with her. No charges have been filed in the case, but a shadow remains over Kane while the investigation moves on.
If you’ve ever watched the classic hockey film “Slap Shot,” you know that minor league hockey team owners can be, well, a little on the frugal side. However, some of that behavior takes place at the NHL level as well. Boston Bruins owner has made the team take commercial flights instead of chartering a plane – and even made the employees who weren’t players pay for the taxes on their Stanley Cup rings after the team’s championship in 2011.
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Some are comparing Jacobs to the “Simpsons” character C. Montgomery Burns. Jacobs is currently in a battle with the Internal Revenue Service to have the meals that the team eats on the road written off as a tax expense. According to a local tax attorney, they just need to show that it is like a business retreat at which all employees have to eat together, and they have a strong case. Even so, it seems a bit much coming from a deep-pocketed team owner.
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Finally, former Boston Bruin has been mistaken for WWE’s John Cena. If that seems strange to you, it didn’t to a local Boston fan who went to see the Zac Brown Band play at Fenway Park. It might have been more beer than actual resemblance, but we’ll let the comparison stand for now. And you thought the NHL didn’t have anything interesting to report in their offseason!