Stanley Cup Team Props NHL Odds Are Simply Salivating

Written by on June 3, 2015

If you’re looking to increase your chances of cashing in over the course of the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals and you love NHL odds on the ‘game within the game’ then you should know that the multitude of NHL Finals team props odds are simply salivating!Better yet, thanks to this original NHL betting breakdown on many of these team props odds, you’re going to have a great chance to boost the annual betting bankroll like never before!Okay, with that said, let’s get started.

NHL Finals – Series Exact Result

Chicago Blackhawks 4-0 17/2Chicago Blackhawks 4-1 4/1Chicago Blackhawks 4-2 7/2Chicago Blackhawks 4-3 17/4Tampa Bay Lightning 4-0 14/1Tampa Bay Lightning 4-1 13/2Tampa Bay Lightning 4-2 6/1Tampa Bay Lightning 4-3 9/2Analysis: I know a lot of hockey experts and fans like the experienced Chicago Blackhawks to hoist their third Stanly Cup Trophy in the last six years, but I’m going with the upstart Tampa Bay Lightning to use their superior speed and athleticism to beat the Chicago Blackhawks in seven games.Having won two Game 7 matchups on the road already this postseason, I believe the Young Lightning are going to be better off because of the adversity they’ve faced this postseason.Tampa Bay is a younger, faster and stronger version of the Blackhawks and I’m banking on that youth and speed – and an underrated goaltender – to get ‘er done!The Pick: Tampa Bay Lightning in 7 Gamesnhl-finals-props

Series Spread – 1

Chicago Blackhawks +1½ -300Tampa Bay Lightning -1½ +240Analysis: If I had to take a selection here, I’d go with Chicago +1.5 games, mostly because I believe this series is going seven games. The 2015 NHL Finals look like one of the more evenly matched finals in recent memory, lading me to believe this series will be decided by one game.The Pick: Chicago Blackhawks +1½

Series Spread – 2

Chicago Blackhawks +2½ (-650)Tampa Bay Lightning -2½ (+450)

Series Spread – 3

Chicago Blackhawks -2½ (+300)Tampa Bay Lightning +2½ (-400)Analysis: I think the ‘Series Spread’ odds above is an absolute lock for either team you believe is the underdog. I like Tampa Bay +2 ½ at -400, though I don’t think either team will win the finals by three games.The Pick: Tampa Bay +2½

Total Games in Series – 1

Over 4½ -900Under 4½ +550Analysis: Hmmm…I wonder why the oddsmakers seem to believe this series is going to go at least five games. Maybe because it is! If you’ve got an extra $900 lying around, the Over 4½ games selection here is a lock!The Pick: Over 4½ Games

Total Games in Series – 2

Over 5½ -200Under 5½ +160Analysis: Again…the odds are that the 2015 NHL Finals will last at least six games and I believe it will – at the very least! I like the Over here at a modest -200.The Pick: Over 5½ Games

Total Games in Series – 3

Over 6½ +180Under 6½ -260Analysis: Both teams reached the finals by winning their respective conference finals – in an identical seven games and I believe they are both going to stage a knock-down, drag-out series for the ages in the 2015 NHL Finals as this series goes the distance!The Pick: Over 6½ Games

Total Games in Series – 4

4 +5505-+2606-+1757 +180Analysis: I really believe the 2015 NHL Finals are going to last six games at the very minimum and most likely, seven games. I’m going with a pick for seven scintillating games.The Pick: 7 Gamesnhl-finals-team-props

Where will the Series be Decided

In Chicago +110In Tampa Bay -140Analysis: Since I’m going with seven games, I like this series to be decided in the Sunshine State! Besides, it seems as of everything of consequence in this country is happening in Florida, though much of it has been negative national news.The Pick: Tampa Bay

Will any game in the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals go to double overtime?

Yes +175No -250Analysis: One NHL Finals game went to double overtime last season, but before that, the last time a finals matchup went to double OT was in 2010 and prior to that, 2010. Apparently a double overtime finals affair happens about every four years, so I’m going with the ‘No’ selection here…it’s not gonna’ happen!The Pick: No

How Many Games of the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals will go to overtime?

Over 1.5-+125Under 1.5 -175Analysis: With the Blackhawks playing three straight overtime games in the Western Conference finals and Tampa Bay going into an extra stanza once in their finals matchup against the Rangers, I’m going with the Over 1.5 games here.The Pick: Over 1.5 Games

Will Either Team Record a Shutout in the 2015 NHL Stanley Cup Finals?

Yes—200No +150Analysis: The Lightning recorded two shutout wins over the Rangers en route to their finals appearance but Chicago has only been kept off the scoreboard once in their last 10 games. I guess it’s possible that a shutout could take place over the course of the finals, but I don’t see it happening with so many great goal scorers taking the ice for both teams.The Pick: Nonhl-finals-team-props

Will there be a suspension in the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals

Yes +400No -700Analysis: Normally, I’d say ‘yes’ some player is getting suspended from a playoff series, but since this is the NHL Finals and no player wants to be foolishly thrown out from the biggest series in their careers, I’m going with the ‘No’ selection here.The Pick: No

Will any game in the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals go to triple overtime?

Yes-+600No -1200Analysis: No way Jose! The Blackhawks and Lightning simply have too many competent goal scorers between them for any game to last a whopping three overtimes!The Pick: No

Will any player record a Hat Trick in the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals

Yes +350No -600Analysis: I know Tampa Bay center Tyler Johnson scored shorthanded, even strength and power play goals in posting the first hat trick in Lightning playoff history against the Rangers in the last round, but I’m going to have to go with a ‘No’ here simply because I don’t see either team letting one player beat them. I believe it’s going to take a team effort from both of these title hopefuls if they’re going to be successful and that means player movement and crisp passing on offense and defensively, sticking to sound defensive schemes. Sure, Johnson, Jonathan Toews or Patrick Kane could very well ‘go off’ one night, but I think the likelihood of that happening is slim at best.The Pick: No ( (