NHL Stanley Cup Betting Update: Colorado Odds Favorite, Florida Smart Pick & Calgary Long Shot

NHL Stanley Cup Betting Update: Colorado Odds Favorite, Florida Smart Pick & Calgary Long Shot

It’s always interesting to look at the odds to win the Stanley Cup prior to the start of the season and then see how they change as the season progresses. The odds tend to fluctuate wildly, as we rarely see a season go exactly the way that anyone expects. That is certainly the case this season, as we have a few teams who have come storming out of the gate and set a bar that no one expected them to reach. We will potentially look at one or two of those teams as we break things down here, but it’s safe to say that the favorites now might not be the same ones we see at the end of the season. This might also be the time to think about betting on teams whose odds are likely to shorten between now and the end of the year. Let’s now look at the current favorite, a smart pick, and a longshot to win the Stanley Cup so you can bet against the Stanley Cup odds.

Updated NHL  Stanley Cup Odds (favorite, smart pick, long shot)

Stanley Cup Favorite – Colorado Avalanche (+610)

As the year comes to a close, the Avalanche remain the favorites to win the Stanley Cup, but you do get the feeling that they might not stay that way for long. There are tight races going on across all 4 divisions, but perhaps none tighter than what we are seeing in the Central Division. The Minnesota Wild have opened up a nice lead atop the division, but it’s a bit of a log jam behind them. The Colorado Avalanche are sitting at 12-7-2 on the season, and while their 26 points has them in 5th in the division and below the playoff line. That is a little deceiving, though, as they are also just 2 points out of 2nd in the division. They do still need to pick things up as the season progresses.

Stanley Cup Smart Pick – Florida Panthers (+680)

There are a few things to consider when trying to come up with a smart pick to win the Stanley Cup and you have to say that the Florida Panthers check a lot of boxes. The Florida Panthers are 17-4-3 and in possession of the best record in hockey. Their +26 goal differential is also among the best in the NHL, plus they have scored the most goals in the league (92). The one thing that really jumps off the page when looking at the standings, though, is the Panthers record at home, where they are 14-1-0. When you consider that they would have home ice advantage heading into the playoffs, they quickly become a very tough team to beat.

Stanley Cup Longshot – Calgary Flames (+1575)

One of the surprises of the season through the opening couple of months has been the play of the Calgary Flames. They are currently sitting atop the Pacific Division with a record of 15-5-5. They have been playing some outstanding defense and are getting great goaltending from their starter and their backup. They lead the league with a +30 goal differential thanks in large part to giving up just 51 goals in 25 games. The Flames have been on the road for 16 of their 25 games this season, so they still have a ton of home games coming their way. This is a team to watch, and perhaps even wager on at these odds.


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