2021 Champions League Odds Update After Round of 16

2021 Champions League Odds Update After Round of 16

Written by on March 12, 2021

After the latest Champion League matchday, Man City, Bayern, Paris Saint-Germain and Liverpool have become favorites to win the 2021 UEFA Champions League trophy. City is more of a favorite over Bayern. Should they be? Check out updated Champions League odds and analysis.

UCL After Round of 16 Updated Odds: Man City Favored Over Bayern Munich

2020-2021 UEFA Champions League Final

  • When: Saturday, May 29
  • Where: Ataturk Stadium, Istanbul, Turkey

2021 UEFA Champions League Final

  • Man City +220
  • Bayern +300
  • PSG +500
  • Liverpool +600
  • Chelsea +1100
  • Real Madrid +1400
  • Dortmund +1600
  • Atletico Madrid +3300
  • Porto +4000
  • Atalanta +5000
  • Monchengladbach +7500
  • Lazio +100000

What two teams among the Sky Blues, Bayern, Paris Saint-Germain, and Pool are the best plays to win the Champions League?

Bayern and Man City are on the same level. The Sky Blues have played unbelievable soccer in the past couple of months. But Bayern has also dominated.

Because they’re on the same level, Bayern deserves a much longer look than Manchester City. The odds difference assumes the team from Munich is slightly worse than the Premier League squad. That’s not true. 

Give Bayern the nod over the Sky Blues if you’re looking to play one of the top two chalks. If you are deciding between backing PSG and Pool, you must lean St. Germain’s way. 

Liverpool dominated RB Leipzig in their two matches. But outside of beating Leipzig, Pool’s form leaves a lot to be desired. So unless you think losing to teams like Fulham sets up the Reds for a UCL upset, Paris Saint-Germain is the much better play. 

Assess the Blues, Real’s and Dortmund’s chances of winning the UCL?

Chelsea has played like the second best squad in the English Premier. The Blues beat Atletico Madrid in the first leg of their aggregate. 

They beat Liverpool 1-0 on March 4. Chelsea beat Everton 2-0 on March 8. We must go all the way back to January 19 to find the Blues last loss.

Chelsea has a solid chance to win the Champions League. Real Madrid has also played well, but we must question the form from the La Liga Spanish Primera Division teams. 

Dortmund has a shot. They must hope they don’t end up playing Bayern. If they face Bayern either in the semifinals or championship, they’re toast. Bayern has Dortmund’s number. 

Among the underdogs, which has the best chance of upsetting the favorites?

Chelsea should knockout Atletico Madrid. Man City will end Gladbach’s dream, and Bayern will send Lazio home.

That leaves Porto as having the best chance to upset the favorites. The Portuguese League squad bested Ronaldo and Juventus in the Round of 16. 

Porto moved to the Champions League elite eight. So if you’re looking to back a major underdog, go with Porto.   

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