Soccer Betting Rewind: Top 10 Soccer Goals in History

Written by on August 5, 2015

The level of creativity, expertise and skill in the world of soccer games has undoubtedly made soccer one of the best sports in the world and one of the most popular activities in the sportsbetting world, with soccer betting lines constantly being a buzz with activities throughout the year. The simple rules involved in soccer, also known as football, enable players to think with their feet and play with their heads, showing a different kind of brilliance that is not akin to many sports.And then there are the thrills of skills, stocks of shots and brilliance in passes that have kept fans singing their hearty praises for years, as they come back for more and more every year in the football betting lines. And with the level of energy and unexpected twists in every match, the games bring with them what we love to watch most–Goals! Though not all are brilliant, some are worth archiving and remembering, like the ones detailed below.

10. George Weah

AC Milan players have score incredible goals, but this one cannot be forgotten. For a solo effort, Weah picked the ball in his penalty area in the match against Verona, slotting it past the goalkeeper in astounding fashion. What makes this goal incredible is that Weah reduced three defenders to nothing, creating a clear cut opportunity for himself to finish deliciously. For a man voted the best African soccer player of the 20th century, this goal was pure legacy.

9. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

There are players that will always add an extra flare to their play, and very few do it better than the big Swedish Ibrahimovic, who seems to thrive most in big games. His goal in the friendly against England will go down as one of the best ever. After one of the worst bloopers in recent times by Joe Hart (with a weak header clearance), Zlatan made a turn on his heels, went up into the air, looping an absolute beauty of an overhead kick into the goal. What was outstanding was not just the overhead kick, but the fact that it was from 30 yards and the angle from which the goal was scored was ridiculously awkward. The technique, composure and pin point accuracy that accompanied that goal is a moment worth reliving…severally!

8. Dennis Bergkamp

Known mostly for his smooth passing skills and stunning abilities on the ball, he still managed stun people with this goal. In 2002 against Newcastle, he did what no one had ever done before, making this goal even difficult to explain. Having flicked the ball around a defender, he quickly ran to the opposite side to meet the ball, scoring in the end with a classy finish that sent fans into delirium.

7. Eric Cantona

Reputed as a legendry goal-scorer and one of the best strikers that ever lived graced the field, this goal could have come from no one better than Mr. Popped Collars. And, of course, the celebration that followed was just as good, if not better than the goal. After beating two players and exchanging passes with a Manchester United teammate, Cantona chipped the ball over the goalkeeper, celebrating on the spot by standing, then slowly swirling as he embraced the scent of that goal in the atmosphere. Can you feel it in the air?!?

6. Marco Van Basten

The legendry Dutchman was nothing short of gifted and what makes this goal even special is that it was in the 1988 European Championship final. For a goal taken in extreme difficulty, the preciseness and power behind the loop left a mark on anyone who watched it. Netherlands eventually won the tournament with Marco Van Basten finishing as the top scorer, but the fans left as eventual winners after watching such incredible talent and goal, all wrapped up in one magnificent tournament.

5. Carlos Alberto

Making their mark as one of the greatest sides ever in world football, the Brazilian team of the 1970 World Cup undoubtedly fits that title. The team that included Pele, Jairzinho, Rivelino, and Gerson, you could expect nothing less than one of the greatest team goals ever scored that was finished by Alberto. No need to even explain it, just click on the video and feed your eyes!

4. Roberto Carlos

For a man football lovers remember as one of the best fullbacks the world has ever seen, the versatility seen in his goals would almost make you doubt whether he was a defensive player or an attacker. A goal standing as one of the most watched in the world, Roberto Carlos’ master-classed a free-kick that left the French keeper, Fabian Barthez, glued to his line, as the ball unstoppably sailed into the net. Classic Carlos at his Crazy-best, or CCC, as I say!

3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Yes, Ibrahimovic is so good that it would be injustice if he didn’t appear twice in this list. While at Ajax in a match against Nac Breda that ended in a 6-2 win for Ajax, the Swedish Giant impressively danced with the ball, evading five attempts by defenders to dispossess him, before he slotted the ball on the net with poised ease. The level of skill and determination exhibited by Zlatan makes this goal one of the best wonders of football.

2. Diego Maradona

For what is probably becoming the best goal in history of the beautiful game, Maradona took the ball deep into his own half, and then dribbled past four England defenders before beating the keeper and slotting on the goal. Argentina won the world cup that year, and expectedly, Maradona was named the best player.

1. Lionel Messi

As a player that already stands out as the most talented football prodigy of this generation, Messi doesn’t need an introduction in this list. His goal, however, does need some intro, considering it was almost a replica of what Maradona did over 20 years before that day and both players hail from Argentina, making it eerily coincidental. After picking the ball from half field in a match that pitted Barcelona against Getafe, Messi beat four defenders before rounding the keeper for an easy slot. The only difference between Messi’s goal and Maradona’s is that the Barcelona superstar finished better than Maradona. And of course, I am a Barcelona fan, so I am allowed to be a bit biased, ain’t I?

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