2016 US Open Women's Final Expert Pick

2016 US Open Women’s Final Expert Pick

Written by on September 9, 2016

If you didn’t know before, now you know. Karolina Pliskova can apparently beat anyone on the WTA Tour these days!

Here’s a Look at the 2016 US Open Women’s Final Expert Pick

Karolina Pliskova +3 Angelique Kerber -3


Karolina Pliskova +150 Angelique Kerber -170

The Breakdown

The 5-foot- 8-inch Angelique Kerber has gone 47-14 this year with two titles, including the 2016 Australian Open. Kerber also reached the finals at Wimbledon before losing to Serena Williams just two months ago. The 6-foot- 1-inch Karolina Pliskova is 33-16 this year with two titles, including Cincinnati – where she laid a huge smackdown on…Angelique Kerber. While Kerber holds a narrow 4-3 edge in seven career meetings, Karolina Pliskova’s 6-3, 6-1 annihilation of Kerber in the finals at Cincinnati is cause for worry for the Aussie Open champ. Analysis: I’m going on record right now to say that I love Karolina Pliskova and her chances of beating Angelique Kerber in this match. First and foremost, if I’m her coach, I’m telling her and reinforcing, that she that she can now, undeniably beat any player in the world after dispatching both Venus and Serena Williams in the same tournament. Not only that, but I’m telling Pliskova to simply use the same tactics that she did in her quick, 6-3, 6-1 obliteration of Kerber just a few weeks ago. I know Kerber is the woman’s version of Novak Djokovic with her excellent court movement and defense, but Karolina Pliskova possesses one of the best serves in the game today and moves around the court more than adequately enough. Total Games: 22 Analysis: With two of the last three meetings going the distance, I like this one to play over the 22-game Over/Under total as well. Expect a knock-down, drag-out thriller that Karolina Pliskova wins! My Pick: Karolina Pliskova in Three Sets