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NBA Betting: The 10 Ugliest NBA Uniforms Ever

Written by on August 26, 2015

When it comes to classic jerseys in the National Basketball Association, the timeless looks of the Knicks, Lakers and Celtics stand out for NBA betting fans. However, just as there have been terrific uniforms in the storied history of the Association, there have also been some less-than-fantastic ones. Let’s look at some of the worst.

Atlanta Hawks 1995-1999

Hawks UniformWhen Dominique Wilkins was no longer part of the Hawks, they decided to overhaul their look. The result was this monstrosity. There’s a reason why most teams don’t put a logo on their jersey – it just makes things messy. As you can see, this is a cluttered mess.

Detroit Pistons 1996-2001

Pistons UniformsFor the majority of the team’s history, the Pistons have featured a classic red, white and blue look. If you remember their championship teams in the late 1980s and 1990s, you know what I’m talking about. This teal experiment is just wrong on too many levels, not least because of the cheesy fire coming out of the tubes.

Sacramento Kings 2005-2008

Kings 2005 UniformIt’s OK to want a retro look in the NBA, and the Kings actually have a long tradition as a franchise that goes all the way back to the team’s history as the Cincinnati Royals. However, this silky texture takes the team a bit too far back – and the cursive writing isn’t what you want if you’re wanting to intimidate the opposition.

Phoenix Suns 2003-2012

Phoenix Suns 2009This orange-and-gray look is the NBA’s version of the “Creamsicle” uniforms that the Buccaneers rolled out in the NFL during the 1970s and 1980s. That gray and orange do not combine well at all.

San Antonio Spurs Military Alternate 2012 – Present

San Antonio Spurs AlternativeThe Spurs honor the military in their area by dedicating one game to them each season, and they wear these uniforms. However, these look more like a Jackson Pollock approach to camouflage than anything else. These definitely need a makeover before the next military tribute.

New Orleans Hornets Alternate 2008-2013

Nola HornetsWe get that the Hornets (now known as the Pelicans) were trying to bring purple, yellow and green together in a celebration of Mardi Gras. These colors do clash, but that isn’t the real problem. Instead, the jersey and shorts need a little bit more glam if they’re going to represent the greatest party in the South.

Denver Nuggets 1981-1993

Denver Nuggets RetroSome people love these as part of a retro era, while others think they are terrible. The skyline and rainbow are cool, but it’s hard to see this team dominating an NBA Finals series against anyone else.

Vancouver Grizzlies 1995-2001

 Vancouver Grizzlies UniformHere’s a good rule of thumb: if you think teal is a good idea for a uniform, think again. However, the trim on these uniforms might be even worse. It’s hard to tell whether the team is trying to get back to some sort of indigenous roots here or if they found the trim in a bargain bin and thought they should add it.

Toronto Raptors 1995-1999

Toronto RaptorsI don’t have a problem with the pinstripes on this jersey. However, that cartoon raptor is simply ridiculous. Raptors don’t have anything to do with Toronto or Canada, so it’s hard to say what the designers were thinking – or what the people who named the team had in mind.

Milwaukee Bucks 1996-1997

Bucks 1996That shadowy buck in the lower left hand corner ruins the jersey. If you want a team name and a number, fine. Just don’t clutter it up with that logo. Sources:NBA.com: http://www.nba.com/history/uniforms_hawks.htmlFanatics.com: http://www.fanatics.com/partnerid/6244/NBA_Denver_Nuggets_Jerseys_Throwback