Online Betting Fans Vote: The 10 Ugliest NHL Uniforms Ever

Written by on August 30, 2015

When it comes to uniforms, the teams in the National Hockey League have had some of the very best. The Original Six teams all have put great-looking kits into play. However, there have also been some really awful jerseys that made online betting fans wonder what the designers were thinking. Let’s take a look at some of the very worst.

Nashville Predators: The Mustard Disaster

nashville-predatorsThe logos are confusing and ugly to look at – what exactly is that on the front of the jersey, anyway? It looks like something out of a Pixar movie. Also, the color scheme is ridiculously unattractive. It looks like something you would either slather on a hot dog or paint a 1970s game room. Either way, it doesn’t belong in the NHL.

Arizona Coyotes: It’s Not Easy Being Green

arizona-coyotesThis green jersey is made even worse by that desert trim around the bottom. However, that Picasso coyote on the front might be the most confusing part. It looks like I’m watching a Looney Tunes episode as the players skate around the rink.

Montreal Canadiens Throwback: Test Pattern Nightmare

Montreal-CanadiensIn many cases, it’s very cool when a team adopts a throwback look. However, these throwbacks from the Canadiens’ ancient past looks like a test pattern exploded onto a jersey. The Montreal Canadiens have one of the greatest jerseys and logos in all the NHL. The color overload is likely to send some people into a seizure simply from having to look at it over and over.

Atlanta Thrashers

atlanta-trashersNow that this franchise is in Winnipeg, we won’t have to put up with some of the awful jersey designs that the Thrashers gave us. There was always too much going on: too many colors, too many logos and odd designs. Look at these vertical stripes on the socks and the superhero look on the jersey. Just too much.

Boston Bruins Alternate Jersey: The Comatose Bear

boston-bruinsThe spoked “B” is one of the most recognizable logos in all of sports. Why isn’t it on the shoulders here for the alternate jersey? Then, take a look at that bear. Instead of a ferocious forest animal, it looks like someone stole Smokey Bear’s hat and then gave him a bucket of tranquilizers so he would stand at a circus without threatening anyone.

Los Angeles Kings: The Burger King Edition

los-angeles-kingsI get that they’re trying to create a royal sash with that big purple stripe. However, that crammed the logo into the right side of the jersey instead of centering it. Also, that king just looks a little strange. Have you seen those creepy ads where Burger King has that guy dressed in the costume? I think it’s the same model for this look.

Tampa Bay Lightning

tampa-bay-lightningThe logo itself isn’t that bad. If you just slap on some silver and black sleeves, this isn’t a bad jersey. However, the jersey looks a little artistic too. Check out the extra lightning bolts and the rain drops. Remember that while jersey design is an art form, the front of a jersey isn’t supposed to be an Impressionist painting.

Anaheim Mighty Ducks: Too Much Animation

anaheim-ducksI get that Disney owned the Mighty Ducks and that the team was based on a movie. However, the logo on this jersey isn’t a logo: it’s a cartoon. There were already enough people making fun of the fact that an NHL team was based on a kids’ movie. Thankfully, the team moved on to a different design quickly.

New York Islanders Alternate Jersey: The Scary Fisherman

new-york-islandersYes, alternate jerseys and new logos mean more money because people are buying the new togs. However, going to the Fisherman logo instead of the traditional NY Island logo was about as smart as going to New Coke. People started chanting “We Want Fish Sticks” when the Islanders would go into the city to play the Rangers. Also, that wave design at the bottom is just terrible.

V is for Vendetta: The Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver-CanucksGive the designer some creativity points for moving the logo up to include the neck, but adding it to the sleeves was a little bit too much. Also, combining orange, black and yellow make this a Thanksgiving monster gone awry. The worst part? The Canucks used these jerseys for years, while most teams know to get rid of an awful jersey as quickly as ( (