Updated Entertainment and U.S. Politics Odds and News

Updated Entertainment and U.S. Politics Odds and News

Written by on September 10, 2020

The Emmy’s happen on Sep. 20 while wagering on the U.S. Presidential Election on Nov. 3 has heated up! Check out updated Emmy odds and U.S. Politics odds in our weekly entertainment and politics blog.

U.S. Politics Odds and News | Entertainment Betting Update

2020 Emmy Awards

  • When: Sunday, Sep. 20

Schitt’s Creek and Succession maintain favoritism 

The Emmy’s take place on Sunday, Sep. 20. Due to the coronavirus, the event will happen virtually in cyberspace. No problem. Some celebrities have stated that they will where their most fashionable pajamas on Sep. 20.

As far as wagering goes, both Schitt’s Creek and Succession have kept their underlay odds. Schitt’s Creek is at -140. A couple of underdogs, The Good Place at +1000 and Dead to Me at +1200, look like possibilities. Both are terrific shows. The Good Place is a special comedy that had it’s final season in 2020. Don’t be surprised if The Good Place takes it.

Ozark looks like the lone contender that can upset Succession. The popular Netflix series about the drug dealing, casino running Byrdes picked up a final season with the world’s most popular streaming service. That could hurt Ozark’s chances simply because Emmy voters figure they can award the series after their fourth and final season.

U.S. Presidential Election

  • When: Tuesday, Nov. 3

Trump becomes favorite

States have sent out absentee ballots. Whatever the reason, Democrats, by a large margin, have asked to vote by mail more than Republicans. Will that work in Trump’s or Biden’s favor?

As we head into the final six weeks, Donald Trump has taken over as the favorite to win the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. Donald offers -125 odds while Joe Biden is a -105 close second choice.

The reason for Trump’s ascension? Some cities in the United States continue to have non-peaceful protests. Not only that, but Joe Biden has also made some mistakes on the campaign trail. For example, the other day, Joe said that “6,000 U.S. troops” had died from the coronavirus. The actual number is 7. There’s a massive difference between 6,000 and 7.

As much as people hate Donald Trump, and he is a much despised individual in the United States, many are questioning if Joe Biden has the mental alertness to run the nation.

State electoral college winner odds have also changed. Biden is down to a -125 favorite to win Arizona. Obama’s Vice President is down to -125 to win Florida while Trump has increased his lead in Texas to -375.

A lot should happen in the rest of September. Also, expect, like in most U.S. Presidential Election years, an October Surprise to shake up the race. In 2016, the October Surprise came when former FBI Director James Comey said the department had found that Hillary had deleted more emails, many of which were listed as confidential, from her home server. 

What October Surprise will land in the next month? Stay tuned!